Definition of PMT

  1. PMT means the Project Management Team;

Examples of PMT in a sentence

  1. For any reason, this Agreement at any time shall not be in full force and effect in all material respects or shall not be enforceable in all material respects in accordance with its terms, or any Lien granted pursuant thereto shall fail to be perfected and of first priority, or Seller or any Affiliate of Seller shall seek to disaffirm, terminate, limit or reduce its obligations hereunder or Guarantors obligations under the PMT Guaranty.
  2. 3-7 (i.e., 1st through 5th Crystallography of Collaboration Target) shall be discussed and determined by the PMT; provided, however, that selection of a *** for the 1st Crystallography of Collaboration Target shall not require the approval of the PMT.
  3. (CERTEGY LOGO) Exhibit 2 4 CERTEGY CARD SERVICES, INC. ICBA BANCARD, INC. 2003 RENEWAL SERVICE AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 2 QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS SERVICE AREA PMT # 5 Payments NAME OF STANDARD STANDARD MATERIAL - ---------------- -------- -------- Accuracy Rate - Reg/Excep Payments [*] [*] DEFINITION Complaints are received from cardholders via customer service phone reps.