Definition of PMT

PMT means PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust, a Maryland real estate investment trust.

PMT means the Project Management Team;

Examples of PMT in a sentence

Decision-making by PMT shall be by consensus with the representatives of each Party collectively having one (1) vote and any disputes or matters on which the members of the PMT are unable to reach agreement may be referred by either Party to the JRC for resolution pursuant to Section 2.2.1.
Such records shall be open during regular business hours for a period of two (2) years from creation of individual records for examination at JANSSEN's expense for the sole purpose of verifying whether such expenditures are in accordance with the agreed DEVELOPMENT PLAN as administered by the PMT; provided however, that such right may not be exercised more than once in any calendar year.
Regardless of the number of representatives form each party on the PMT, each party shall present one consolidated view and have one vote on any issue in dispute.
The working location(s) of the members of PMT shall be decided according to the need of the work.
In any CBM Field within the Contract Area where CUCBM has a participating interest in the development of the said Field, a project management team (hereafter referred to as "PMT") shall be established for the development of such CBM Field in the organization of the Operator within thirty (30) days from the date of approval of the Overall Development Program for the said Field.