Definition of PMPA

PMPA means the Petroleum Marketing Practice Act 28 U.S.C. SS2801 et. seq.

Examples of PMPA in a sentence

VMSC may decline to renew this Agreement based upon any of the grounds for non-renewal recited in the PMPA.
Texaco further claimed that the state law claims were preempted by the PMPA giving the court federal question jurisdiction.
Amoco also claimed that the negotiated consent decree was "an occurrence of an event which is relevant" under section 2802(b)(2)(c) of the PMPA and, therefore, 56.
The PMPA was invoked by Amoco branded dealers in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area to enjoin Amoco from terminating their dealer leases in Fink v.
Buyer terminates this Agreement prior to the expiration of its term or if Seller terminates this Agreement for cause in accordance with the PMPA or applicable Law, Seller will be entitled to all remedies available at Law or in equity.