Definition of PLN

PLN means the lawful currency of the Republic of Poland;

PLN means Polish zloty and "USD" means American Dollar; 1.24. ,,PLN" oznacza polski zloty; a ,,USD" oznacza dolara amerykanskiego;
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Examples of PLN in a sentence

Expiration Date Date at which option contract expires Expiration Time Time at which option contract expires Settlement Date Settlement date of the option contract Premium Premium amount expressed in premium currency Premium currency Currency in which payments are made between the two counterparties: USD EUR GBP CAN JPY CHF BRL PLN SEK KRW Premium Date Date on which premium amount is due Quoting Convention and Minimum Increment Notional amount of the underlying commodity.
The Company generates and expends cash through its operating activities mostly in Polish zloty ("PLN").
The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements are reported in thousands of PLN (unless otherwise noted).
Name Quoted Tenor Total Return Swap Basis Points[?] (+35 / +39) SPTR (3M/3ML) Currencies USD GBP EUR JPY AUD SEK CHF DKK CAD NOK PLN CZK TRY HKD KRW Instrument Specifications * Trading Conventions o Buyer - The buyer of a contract will pay the rate of interest on the underlying leg plus the swap premium, and in return receive the appreciation in value of the underlying equity.
Currencies USD AUD HUF EUR CHF RON JPY SEK NZD GBP DKK SAR CLP NOK SGD COL ZAR HKD ARS PLN THB PEN TRY RUB MXN CZK KRW BRL ILS CAD AED Specifications Trading Conventions o Buyer (Payer) pays fixed interest rate and receives floating interest rate.