Pen definition

Pen means any cage, fenced−in plot, or other enclosure in which animals are held.
Pen means any cage, fenced−in plot or other enclosure in which captive wild animals are held.
Pen means a building, or enclosure within a building, with concrete floor, walls and enclosed roof that are sufficient to physically separate and contain the crocodiles.

Examples of Pen in a sentence

  • Numbers of activities which is to be performed by the Agency under IEC will be determined by Executive Engineer of the concerned District.All above mentioned report and Activities (Photos, Videos) will be submitted in Pen drive, CD/DVD.The indicative summary list of phase-wise deliverables and activities is provided in Annexure D.

  • Ciolek, Assistant Director, Engineering and Finance, Division of Solid Waste Management (reiterating the withdrawal of Pen Pac's, Inc.

  • Now that the EPA has set a precedent and defined 30 ppt as the cleanup goal for the ETC site in Pen- sacola, this more accurate value, based on current toxicological data and risk evaluation, can be cited in arguing that 30 ppt be used at other sites.

  • The Operations and Maintenance Manual prepared by JCA Associates on behalf of Pen Pac Inc.

  • No. T2B (sheet 5 of 6), dated October 29, 1993, Transfer Trailer Queuing Plan for 480 TPD for Pen Pac, Inc., Totowa Transfer Station (Lot 3, Block 170B-Maltese Drive) signed and sealed on November 3, 1993 by Mark P.

More Definitions of Pen

Pen means the lawful currency of the Republic of Peru.
Pen means an enclosed area that restricts the access of animals to the remainder of the lot. A fence that encompasses the boundary line of the lot does not constitute a dog run or a pen;
Pen means DCA’s program of purchasing Loans secured by subordinate Security Deeds on Single Family Residences that are purchased by public protectors, health care workers and educators who meet the eligible borrower definitions in Chapter 4 of this Guide. The Single Family Residences must be owned and occupied by eligible borrowers, whose purchase will be financed with funds received by GHFA or DCA from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development pursuant to the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, from Bond Issues, or from other funding sources.
Pen mean the lawful currency of Perú.
Pen means PEN Indemnity Insurance Company, Ltd., a Bermuda company.
Pen means any instrument or similar implement that contains an ink fluid or similar coloring matter.
Pen means The PEN Indemnity Insurance Company, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership.