Pb definition

Pb means lead.
Pb means lead
Pb means lead;

Examples of Pb in a sentence

  • D = P - 1.05P(b), but not less than zero.When the current price, P, is less than the base price, P(b).

  • Plot of the percent asphalt binder by total weight of the mix (Pb) versus the following: % of Gmm at Nd, VMA at Nd, VFA at Nd, Fines to effective asphalt binder (Pbe) ratio, and unit weight (kg/m5) at both Nd and Nm.

  • The allowable price differential, "D", for the current estimate will be computed according to the following formula: When the current price, P, is greater than the base price, P(b).

  • Agenda & Corrigendum issued by the Chief Engineer Pb. PWD B& R from time to time upto date will be applicable for the purpose of measurement/Payment.

  • The description of all the above items is subject to all notes and clarification included in the Common Schedule of Rates-2010 and of Pb. PWD specification latest edition corrected up to date.

More Definitions of Pb

Pb means the chemical symbol for the element lead.
Pb means the sum of the amounts of the portions of gross premiums specified in the return of each insurance company which has made a return in respect of that financial year but was not required to lodge a return in respect of the preceding financial year.
Pb. = is the sum of (A) the aggregate Principal Balance of such Loans advanced by that Lender and (B) the aggregate outstanding LC Disbursements maintained by that Lender; and “DCC” = 1/360 plus
Pb is the closing price of the common stock on the last trading day before the first day of the Performance Period; and (iv) "PE" is the closing price of the common stock on the last trading day of the Performance Period. In calculating the Total Shareholder Return for a given common stock, the Plan Administrator will apply the principles of Section 9(h) as if that section applied to the common stock.
Pb has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph hereof.
Pb means PB Technologies Ltd, including PB Downtown, PB Uni, PB Manukau, PB North Shore, and PB Henderson.
Pb means Performance Bond (Bank Letter of Guarantee) accepted ONLY from a top 100 global bank via Swift MT760 under URDG 758 rules or latest version;