Pair definition

Pair means the set of lamps of the same function on the left- and right-hand side of the vehicle.
Pair means that the first two cards dealt to the Player have the same point value or same face cards (Jack, Queen or King). Two face cards that are not identical (e.g. KQ, KJ, QJ) do not constitute a “Pair”.
Pair. (and derivations thereof) means to connect the applicable Instructor Device to a Registered Symphony Classroom AI Hub by logging on to an Enrolled Instructor’s Xxxxxx Mind account, opening the Browser Extension and following the designated pairing process steps.

Examples of Pair in a sentence

  • Think, Pair, Share Now that you have thought about and pictured the incident, share your ideas with your neighbor.

  • Otherwise all locks (including pre-locks) that are undelivered, canceled, and /or expired will be subject to Lock Cancellation Fees AND Pair off based on Market Movements.

  • Money Management determines the quantity of Instruments (§ 5.9) needed for each Pair (§ 5.5) to risk no more than 2% of the Net Asset Value (§ 6.9).

  • The stop-loss price is meant to risk no more than 2% of the Net Asset Value of the Fund (§ 6.9) on each Pair (§ 5.5), barring any Catastrophic Events (PPM § 2.9).

  • To do so, we define the function allFin, that lifts any predicate P on Fin n, to the proposition that states that P holds for every choice of Fin n.allFin : {n : Nat } → (Fin n → Set) → Set allFin {Zero } P = UnitallFin {Succ y } P = Pair (P Fz) (allFin (λ n → P (Fs n)))We call a monotype in U n strong if it contains all n distinct variables.

More Definitions of Pair

Pair means two cards each with the same Face Value;
Pair means that there are 2 vertical legs. One continuous strap can form both vertical legs.
Pair means a hand of two (2) cards that are the same regardless of suit.
Pair means two cards of the same rank.
Pair means two cards with the same face value;
Pair means that two cards have the same point value or are the same face cards (Shou (S), Lu (L) or Fu (F)). Two face cards that are not identical (e.g. SL, SF, LF) do not constitute a “Pair”.
Pair means placing a C/m within the Outer Circle near another C/m and/or Queen in such a way the there is space and the existing C/m faces the general direction of a pocket.