OGC definition

OGC means the Office of Government Commerce "Party" means a party to the Contract.

Examples of OGC in a sentence

  • The com- plete loan docket will be sent to the OGC for loan closing instructions.

  • If they con- form to approved forms for the State as provided in § 1822.264(a)(1)(ii), the State director need not obtain a preliminary opinion from the OGC.

  • If a proposal with a non-U.S. partner is selected, GPC will consult with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and the Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR) to determine whether such participation should be covered by and implemented through an international agreement between NASA and the sponsoring foreign agency or funding/sponsoring institution under which the parties agree to each bear the cost of discharging their respective responsibilities.

  • RHS loans will be closed in accordance with applicable provisions of subpart B of part 1927 of this chapter, and State In- structions which supplement this In- struction, and closing instructions of the OGC, and with the assistance of the approved attorney, representatives of the title insurance company, or local attorney, whichever is appropriate.

  • For a loan to a public nonprofit organi- zation, title clearance and legal serv- ices will be obtained in accordance with instructions from the OGC, ob- serving the provisions of subpart B of part 1927 of this chapter to the extent feasible.

More Definitions of OGC

OGC means the Office of Government Commerce which is part of the Efficiency and Reform Group which is itself part of the Cabinet Office;
OGC means the Office of the Gen- eral Counsel, including the regional at- torney or attorney in charge serving the State in which the RHS project is located.[35 FR 10687, July 1, 1970, as amended at 40FR 52837, Nov. 13, 1975; 46 FR 61989, Dec. 21,1981; 67 FR 78326, Dec. 24, 2003]§ 1822.264 Eligibility requirements.(a) Eligibility of applicant. To be eligi- ble for an RHS loan, the applicant must be a private or public nonprofit organization as defined in § 1822.263 (a) or (b) which is authorized to provide housing sites on a nonprofit basis.
OGC means the System Office of General Counsel