NPA-NXX definition

NPA-NXX means NPA-NXX or an equivalent identifier, such as a network access identifier (NAI).
NPA-NXX means as follows: "NPA" means numbering plan area, which is the area code for a telephone number. "NXX" refers to the first three digits of a telephone number, which identify the specific telephone company central office that serves that number.
NPA-NXX means the first six digits of a ten-digit telephone number, which denote a consecutive 10,000 number block within the North American Numbering Plan. As used in the Agreement, the term refers exclusively to geographic NPAs associated with Rate Center areas and excludes Service Access Codes, unless otherwise specifically noted.

Examples of NPA-NXX in a sentence

Rate Center” means the specific geographic point that has been designated by a given LEC as being associated with a particular NPA-NXX code that has been assigned to the LEC for its provision of Telephone Exchange Service.

CLEC agrees not to route Transit Traffic to a non-Embarq tandem (i.e., double tandem indirect traffic) where the NPA-NXX of the number called is rated within Embarq’s tandem serving area, and CLEC shall reimburse Embarq for any terminating compensation charged to Embarq by a terminating carrier as a result of any such double tandem Transit Traffic routed by CLEC.

If CLEC only obtains thousands blocks instead of whole NPA-NXX codes, those thousands blocks shall remain rated to the Rate Center associated with the donating NPA-NXX code.

LERG) is a Telcordia Reference document used by Telecommunications Carriers to identify NPA-NXX routing and homing information as well as Network element and equipment designations.

JIP) is an existing six (6) digit (NPA-NXX) field in the SS7 message.

More Definitions of NPA-NXX

NPA-NXX. NPA shall mean Number Plan Area, commonly called Area Code. NXX refers to the three digits of a phone number immediately following the area code known also as the exchange.
NPA-NXX means the first six digits of a ten-digit telephone number, as identified in the Local Exchange Routing Guide (“LERG”), which, for the purposes of this Agreement, represents the area code and exchange of such telephone number.
NPA-NXX combinations" means the six-digit numerical combinations assigned by regulatory authorities to identify the Area code and prefix for cellular service.
NPA-NXX means a ten thousand block of telephone numbers represented by the NPA (numbering plan area or area code) and NXX (prefix) assigned to that block of numbers.
NPA-NXX means the area code and exchange of a NADP phone number “Operator and Directory Assistance” means live or automated operator assistance for the placement of Subscriber calls, listing services and/or related information.
NPA-NXX means the area code and exchange of a telephone number.
NPA-NXX means the area code and exchange, as designated by the NADP, of a telephone number. “NRC” means non-recurring charge.