Net Billing definition

Net Billing means the difference, over the Billing Period, between the Energy Payment and the Retail Billing Amount.
Net Billing means the gross billing less: (1) a single commission (if any) paid by an advertiser to a bona fide advertising agency retained by the advertiser; and (2) any labor and material charges made by the Contractor under the declared schedule of rates and charges. The deduction from gross billings permitted for agency commission shall not exceed 15 percent. If the advertiser did not retain an advertising agency, no commission may be
Net Billing means a system of billing a customer who installs an Eligible Renewable Energy Resource generator on the customer’s premises for retail electricity purchased at retail rates while crediting the customer’s bill for any customer-generated electricity sold to the Affected Utility at avoided cost.

Examples of Net Billing in a sentence

  • B = Monthly Net Billing determinants at the POD to which the generator is connected.

  • The billing services provided by the Billing Company to the Earning Company with respect to Alternately Billed Calls shall be subject to the applicable charges set forth in Attachment A, which charges will be reflected in the Inter-Company Net Billing Statement.

  • The Billing Company shall also submit copies of these Message Records to BA-__, at least once a month, in order to determine monthly settlement amounts for both the Billing Company and the Earning Company which will be reflected in the Inter-Company Net Billing Statement.

  • In addition, as applicable, the Inter-Company Net Billing Statement will reflect any amounts owed by Carrier to BA-__ for administering and processing ITORP.

  • Upon receipt of the Inter-Company Net Billing Statement from BA-__, Carrier shall, within thirty (30) days of invoice, remit to BA-__ full payment of amounts owed under the Inter-Company Net Billing Statement.

More Definitions of Net Billing

Net Billing means the monthly bill that the public supplier renders to the customer of a distributed generation facility that nets the bill for the amount of the electricity consumed from the public supplier, net of that generation consumed internally, against the bill for the amount of electricity delivered to the grid for the billing period.
Net Billing means an arrangement as defined under Regulation 28 of these Regulations;
Net Billing. – means the arrangements as described in Section IV.A.2.b.iii applicable to customers with certain Small and Medium DGen resources to either charge the customer for amounts owed to the Cooperative or for amounts credited to the customer.
Net Billing means the amount of revenue received for a Project Line by the Company net of the typical selling commission, which is 6% at the time of the execution of this Agreement.
Net Billing means the process of measuring both the quantity of electricity delivered by the Corporation to a consumer-generator and the total quantity of electricity generated by a consumer- generator, of which a part is fed back to the Corporation’s electrical grid during an applicable billing period, which is accomplished by using a Net Billing Metering System which separately records the flow of electrical energy from the Corporation’s electrical grid to the consumer-generator, the flow of electrical energy supplied by the renewable energy generating facility and the flow of electrical energy from the consumer- generator to the Corporation’s electrical grid;
Net Billing means Gross Billing less applicable discounts and credits to customers for actual returns.