NCNR definition

NCNR shall refer to Component purchases that are non-cancellable and/or non-returnable, whether designated as such at purchase or that become NCNR after purchase (includingbrokenpackages, open reels, or passage of time).

Examples of NCNR in a sentence

  • The sale of NCNR or CS Products may alternatively be subject to the special terms and conditions contained in Seller’s Special Product Agreement, which shall prevail and supersede any inconsistent terms and conditions contained herein or elsewhere.

  • Any delays by Seller in delivering NCNR or CS Products (i) that are due to manufacturer’s lead times or to any cause beyond Seller’s reasonable control shall not give rise to liability on the part of Seller, and (ii) shall not affect the binding character of this Agreement nor Buyer’s commitments hereunder.

  • Buyer’s liability to Seller for NCNR or CS Products shall be the aggregate of the full purchase price of all such Products: (a) already shipped to Buyer, and/or (b) held in Seller’s inventory for Buyer, and/or (c) manufactured, in whole or in part, by Future’s supplier.

  • Given the special nature of such an order, Seller reserves the right to cancel any such NCNR or CS order within 7 business days following delivery of Seller’s order acknowledgement.

  • Unless Buyer has signed a Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable (NCNR) Agreement, Buyer may at any time, by written notice to the Seller, terminate this Purchase Order in whole or in part for the convenience of the Buyer.

More Definitions of NCNR

NCNR means an order that is not cancelable, rescheduleable, or returnable.
NCNR means those Materials that [*]. [*] shall have the meaning set forth in Section [*].
NCNR means Materials which are listed on Exhibit 5.3 and which list will be reviewed and updated quarterly by mutual written agreement of the parties.
NCNR means an order that is non-cancelable and non-reschedulable, and for which the associated Product is non-returnable except pursuant to a valid warranty claim hereunder.“
NCNR means Non-cancelable/Non-returnable.
NCNR means an order that is identified as not cancelable or not returnable or both, whether designated as a "final" sale or "NCNR" or otherwise.