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  • Business NAICS codes can be found at

  • Also shown in this report are Hirschmann- Herfindahl Indexes for each industry.The Location of Manufacturing data files contain statis- tics on the number of establishments for the three- and six-digit NAICS industry by state, county, place, and ZIP Code by employment-size of the establishment.

  • The state reports also include six-digit NAICS level data for industries with 100 employees or more in the state.The General Summary report contains industry and geo- graphic area statistics summarized in one report.

  • COMPARABILITY OF THE 1992 AND 1997 CENSUSESThe adoption of the North American Industry Classifica- tion System (NAICS) has had a major impact on the compa- rability of data between the 1992 and 1997 censuses.Approximately half of the industries in the manufacturing sector of NAICS do not have comparable industries in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system that was used in the past.

  • GEOGRAPHIC AREAS COVEREDStatistics at the six-digit NAICS industry level are shown for states and the District of Columbia in both the state and industry reports for cells with 100 employees or more.The state reports also include data at the ‘‘all manufac- turing’’ level for a variety of geographies that meet the employment criteria.Data are available for the metropolitan areas (MAs) with 250 employees or more.

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