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  • The provision with its Alternate II applies to solicitations that will result in a multiple-award contract with more than one NAICS code assigned.

  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) 4-digit code that best describes debtor.

  • Percentage amount of fee where the MBE firm is being used as broker (count reasonable fee/commission only) % Description of the work to be performed: MBE FirmName: MBE Certification Number: (If dually certified, check only one box.) African American-OwnedHispanic American- Owned Asian American-Owned Women-OwnedOther MBE Classification NAICS code: Please refer to Item #8 in Part 1- Instructions of this document for new MBE participation guidelines regarding materials and supplies.

  • ContractSpec Item #Part 2: NAICS CodePart 3:Type of Work Performed and/or Materials SuppliedPart 4: Subcontract Amount$$$TOTAL$The Bidder may not substitute subcontractors between the submission of bids and award of the contract.

  • Over a 10-year analysis period, the net annualized cost savings for a small business would be $1,719 at a 7-percent discount rate.The Departments reviewed theimpacts of the proposed rule for two North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes that frequently request H–2B certification: NAICS 561730: Landscaping Services, and NAICS 721110: Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels.

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NAICS means the North Amer- ican Industrial Classification System.41 CFR Ch. 61 (7–1–09 Edition) § 61–250.10 What reporting require- ments apply to Federal contractors and subcontractors, and what spe- cific wording must the reporting re- quirements contract clause con- tain?Each contractor or subcontractor de- scribed in § 61–250.1 must submit re- ports in accordance with the following reporting clause, which must be in- cluded in each of its covered govern- ment contracts or subcontracts (and modifications, renewals, or extensions thereof if not included in the original contract). Such clause is considered as an addition to the equal opportunity action clause required by 41 CFR 60–250.5. The reporting requirements clause is as follows:Employment Reports on Special Dis- abled Veterans, Veterans of the Viet- nam Era, Other Protected Veterans, and Recently Separated Veterans.
NAICS. Manual means any manual book or other publication containing the North American Industry Classification System, United States, 1997, or as updated or amended from time to time, promulgated by the Office of Management and Budget of the United States of America; and