Multi-use trail definition

Multi-use trail means that part of a highway, boulevard or city right-of-way that is designated by authorized signs for shared use by cyclists, pedestrians and in-line skaters, in accordance with Traffic By-law Schedule 35 or the Parks By-law. (128-09)
Multi-use trail means a way or place for the shared use and travel of bicycles, pedestrians, and other authorized devices, which is designated is and controlled by the local jurisdiction. No multi-use trail shall be considered as a street or highway.
Multi-use trail. Purchasers are advised that a multi-use trail has been constructed adjacent to the rear of lots in Plan 40M-2574. Purchasers are also advised that a private golf facility is located to the east of the said multi-use trail.

Examples of Multi-use trail in a sentence

  • City and Developer understand and agree that the proposed Los Gatos Creek Trail Multi-Use Trail segments included as part of the Project will enhance trail connectivity in the City of San Xxxx, and also will provide for the cohesive open space network envisioned by the Developer and City as part of the Project.

  • Recipient shall complete design drawings for trail alignments on up to three Red Electric Regional Multi-Use Trail segments (the Alpenrose Dairy site segment, the segment east of Alpenrose Dairy between XX Xxxxxxxx Road and XX Xxxxxxx Road, and the properties near 0000 XX Xxxxxx Xxxx.).

  • Xxxxx, P.E. Director of Transportation Operations Date: Date: Attest: Attest: (SEAL) Executive Secretary By: See attached signature page By: Local Government Legal Approval Department Legal Approval Maintenance Memorandum of Agreement between Lake County and FDOT for On System Multi-Use Trail Project, 429556-1-52-01 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Chairman This day of , 2019.

  • SWCA will prepare a JDR to City of Coalinga Multi-Use Trail Project Segments 1, 2, 13, and 14 Environmental Services be included as an appendix to the NES-MI.

  • Maintenance responsibilities include the Multi-Use Trail Project corridor from XX Xxxxxx Road to Lennard Road at Xxxxxxxxx Road from 5 feet from edge of paved trail on one side of the trail to 5 feet from edge of paved trail on other side of the trail.

More Definitions of Multi-use trail

Multi-use trail means a facility designed and constructed for the purpose of providing bicycle
Multi-use trail as used in this chapter, means any path intended for use by pedestrians, bicyclists, inline skaters, and other users within the public right-of-way or on or through other City property. (Ord 5B-17, 2017)
Multi-use trail means a way or place, the use of which is controlled by the City as an owner of real property, designated by the multi-use recreational trail maps, as approved by resolution by the Council, and no multi-use trail shall be considered as a street or highway.
Multi-use trail means a multi-use path that is on public property open to the public or on private property and in a public access easement; and is managed by Bend Parks and Recreation District, another agency, or private party.
Multi-use trail means a facility designated for the use of pedestrians, bicycles, and/or other non-motorized users and associated bridges.
Multi-use trail means any paved area within a park that serves as a means of non-vehicular access within or through a park site; it excludes parking lots, skate parks, shelter pads, sidewalks and mowed, wood-chip or gravel pathways.
Multi-use trail means an in-boulevard path physically separated from motor vehicle traffic for use by cyclists, pedestrians and other non-motorized users;