Mud definition

Mud means a mixture of materials that creates a weighted fluid to be circulated downhole during drilling operations for the purpose of lubricating and cooling the bit, removing cuttings, and controlling formation pressures and fluid.
Mud means any mixture of water and clay or other material as the term is commonly used in the industry.
Mud means multi-unit dwelling.

Examples of Mud in a sentence

Brick work in Mud Morter : The mud to be used for morter shall be from selected earth of tenacious nature to which sand shall to be added in much quantity that dried of the mixture shall not show sign of cracking.

As a minimum, all tires shall be the all-season tread design and labeled for Mud and Snow (M/S) service.

When changing or replacing tires, it is preferred that all four tires are the same construction type (i.e., High Performance, All Season, Mud & Snow) and construction (Radial or Bias Ply).

The huts shall not be constructed on a lower standard than the following: Thatched roofs; Mud floors and walls; Planks spread over the mud floor and covered with matting.

Absent “extraordinary circumstances,” the “district court should ordinarily transfer the case to the forum specified in that clause.” Atl.

More Definitions of Mud

Mud means only a fresh-water based drilling mud with a minimum weight of 9 pounds per gallon with a minimum viscosity of 45 seconds using API Full Funnel Method. Mud may contain water (fresh or brine), Bentonite, Attapulgite or other additives if they do not reduce the weight or viscosity below the required minimum.
Mud means a drilling fluid consisting of any suitable mixture of water, oil, clay, or other material (or any admixture of all or any of those materials) commonly used in the petroleum industry, which will remove the drill cuttings from the hole and will also control rock and reservoir pressures, stabilise disturbed formation conditions and seal formation into which fluid from the hole is escaping;
Mud means a liquid that is circulated through the well during drilling or work-over operations ;
Mud means a relatively homogeneous, relatively viscous fluid produced by the suspension of clay-size particles in water. Specifically, it must be a nine and two-tenths pounds per gallon mud or heavier, with a marsh funnel viscosity of fifty seconds or equivalent.
Mud means a drilling mud with a minimum Marsh funnel viscosity of 45 seconds. Mud may contain water (fresh or brine), bentonite, attapulgite or other additives if they do not reduce the viscosity below 45 seconds.
Mud means the Ministry of Urban Development of the Borrower;