Mixed definition

Mixed means a mixture of two or more of the following styles of frozenbeans: whole, cut, or short cut.
Mixed means that among the 16 or 40 users some are co-located at the same site, while users at different sites have large spacing. Half of the users are in LOS and half are in NLOS.
Mixed. Municipal Solid Waste" (MMSW) means garbage, refuse, and other Solid Waste from residential, commercial, industrial, and community activities that the generator of the waste aggregates for collection and that may be accepted at the Facility. MMSW also includes other Solid Waste, such as industrial solid waste and non-mixed municipal solid waste, that prior to final processing or disposal:

Examples of Mixed in a sentence

  • A Cross-linguistic Study of Mixed Agreement with Polite/Formal Pronoun Subjects.

  • Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches.

  • Mixed use development is planned for a section of land in Jabulani, a suburb of the larger Soweto, located south of Johannesburg.

  • In this scenario your top ranked male and top ranked female that are competing would be on Mixed Team 1 and the 2nd highest ranked male and 2nd highest ranked female would be Mixed Team 2.

  • A zoning designation of Planned Development Mixed Use (PDMU) and future land use designation of Mixed Use (MU) would allow for parcels to be assembled into the Master Development Plan (MDP) known as WH Corp.

More Definitions of Mixed

Mixed means poor and non-poor.
Mixed means any building that is a mix of:
Mixed or "mixture" means seeds consisting of more
Mixed means when products are shipped in mixed shipments of Frozen, Refrigerated or Temperature Controlled and so stated on the bill of lading by Xxxxxxx. While in the underlying carrier’s custody and control, Frozen shipments will be transported at an equipment air temperature of 0 – 32 degrees Fahrenheit, Refrigerated shipments will be transported at an equipment air temperature of 33 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit, Temperature Controlled shipments will be transported at an equipment air temperature of 46-70 degrees Fahrenheit and Mixed shipments will be transported at the respective equipment air temperatures described above relative to the products shipped. Notwithstanding the temperature of the product at the time of acceptance by the underlying carrier, MODE Global and the underlying carrier shall only be responsible for maintaining the respective equipment air temperatures set forth above for Frozen, Refrigerated, Temperature Controlled or Mixed shipments, subject to any different temperature range set forth in Special Requirements (as defined in Section 9(a) below).
Mixed size raisins means a mix­ ture which does not meet either the re­ quirements for “ select” size or for “small” (or “ midget” ) size.
Mixed by Snopes.com. A mixed rating means that an article is partly true and partly false (Snopes.com, n.d.). Additionally, articles that are highly susceptible to partisanship like heavy politically oriented articles were avoided in this study since partisan articles can lead partisan people to perceive the information which is opposite to their own beliefs as less credible (Kim, 2015).
Mixed means either cyclists or transit operate in a shared lane with general traffic, i.e. they do not have their own dedicated facilities. The number of travel lanes is two-way, i.e. in both directions.