Mental Hospital definition

Mental Hospital means a health care facility (or its psychiatric unit) which:
Mental Hospital means a hospital:
Mental Hospital means a hospital, including a hospital that forms part of a prison, for the reception and detention of two or more mentally disordered or intellectually handicapped persons;

Examples of Mental Hospital in a sentence

  • The All India Institute of Mental Health and the Mental Hospital of the Government of Karnataka were amalgamated into an autonomous institute and thus the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) came into existence in 1974.

  • The Government of India chose the Mental Hospital, Bangalore, as the centre for training, which had built up certain traditions since 1936 in matters related to undergraduate training in the field of Psychiatry.

  • Before sending him there, the prosecuting authorities had requested the Telemark Mental Hospital to receive the applicant.

  • In 2005 there were 63 compulsory detentions to the Government’s Mental Hospital, of which 25 were for periods exceeding seven days.

  • Alternative to Mental Hospital Treatment Conceptual Model, Treatment Program, and Clinical Evaluation.

More Definitions of Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital means, for the purposes of the payment and maintenance provisions of Title 30 of the Revised Statutes, a psychiatric facility.
Mental Hospital means, for the purposes of the payment and
Mental Hospital means a hospital established for the reception and detention of mentally disordered persons under section 30 of the Mental Disorders Ordinance 1952 [Ord. 31 of 1952], and includes an approved hospital gazetted under the Mental Health Ordinance 1961 [Sarawak Ord. 16 of 1961] and an asylum under the Lunatics Ordinance 1961 [Sabah Cap. 74];
Mental Hospital means an institution which falls within the jurisdiction of Health-General Article, §19-307(a)(1), Annotated Code of Maryland, and is licensed pursuant to COMAR 10.07.04.
Mental Hospital means a place lawfully appointed for the custody and treatment of persons of unsound mind;
Mental Hospital or "psychiatric hospital," means a freestanding establishment as defined by 1974 PA 248, MCL 330.1100b, that offers coordinated psychiatric services for the observation, diagnosis, active treatment, and overnight care of persons who have a mental illness, a chronic mental condition, or serious emotional disturbance that requires the daily direction or supervision of physicians who are licensed to practice in the state.
Mental Hospital means a residential facility for the diagnosis, care and treatment of the mentally disabled other than those with intellectual disabilities.