Mental Hospital definition

Mental Hospital means a health care facility (or its psychiatric unit) which:
Mental Hospital means a hospital:
Mental Hospital means a hospital established for the reception and detention of mentally disordered persons under section 30 of the Mental Disorders Ordinance 1952 [Ord. 31 of 1952], and includes an approved hospital gazetted under the Mental Health Ordinance 1961 [Sarawak Ord. 16 of 1961] and an asylum under the Lunatics Ordinance 1961 [Sabah Cap. 74];

Examples of Mental Hospital in a sentence

  • Mr. Baleni then took ill and was examined by the medical superintendent of the Fort England Mental Hospital who reported that he had gone into a psychotic state, ripped off most of his clothes and needed psychiatric treatment.

More Definitions of Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital means, for the purposes of the payment and
Mental Hospital means a hospital, including a hospital that forms part of a prison, for the reception and detention of two or more mentally disordered or intellectually handicapped persons;
Mental Hospital means an institution which falls within the jurisdiction of Health-General Article, §19-307(a)(1), Annotated Code of Maryland, and is licensed pursuant to COMAR 10.07.04.
Mental Hospital means a residential facility for the diagnosis, care and treatment of the mentally disabled other than those with intellectual disabilities.
Mental Hospital or "psychiatric facility" means a hospital as defined in 18 V.S.A. § 1902(1)(B) or (H), but does not include psychiatric units of general hospitals.
Mental Hospital. (精神病院) means any place declared to be a mental hospital under section 3 of the Mental Health Ordinance (Cap 136); (Added 34 of 1972 s. 2)