MED definition

MED means the Colorado Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division.
MED means the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.
MED means Med Diversified, Inc., a Nevada corporation.

Examples of MED in a sentence

  • Three instruments of ratification were lacking and that was one weak point in the legal system underpinning the SAP MED.

  • He then reviewed the various components envisaged: (1) facilitation of policy and legislative reform; (2) promotion of replication strategies; (3) technical assistance (implementation of the SAP MED and SAP BIO and related NAPs, regional strategies to manage and protect coastal aquifers); (4) regional integrated water resources and integrated coastal management (ICM) strategies; and (5) overall coordination and monitoring arrangements.

  • The representatives of countries and other actors concerned by the GEF MED Partnership now had sufficient elements to form an opinion and make comments or suggestions.

  • In general, coordination had been weak at several levels – even between the Fund and the regional project – in the Danube/Black Sea Partnership and it was important to ensure that such a problem did not recur in the GEF MED Partnership.

  • Clini underscored the innovative nature of the cooperation programmes initiated by MAP such as the SAP MED and the SAP BIO, whose practical implementation was taking shape day-by-day, and the updating of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) under the MED POL.

More Definitions of MED

MED means the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and/or any other applicable Colorado regulatory authority.
MED means a corporation or partnership which publishes consumer and/or trade publications, including the full range of communications media of web, facsimile, television and radio, on a regular basis;
MED means major event days.
MED means the Recipient’s Ministry of Economic Development, or any successor thereto.
MED has the meaning given in Recital F;
MED means the EU Directive on Marine Equipment 96/98/EC and “MED approved” means approved in accordance with the requirements of that Directive,