LSC definition

LSC shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble hereto.
LSC means Life Safety Code.
LSC means the Local Service Center (LSC) for SBC-12STATE and the Local Exchange Carrier Center (LECC) for SNET.

Examples of LSC in a sentence

  • After combustion of subsamples (3 x 0.5 g), the non- washable radioactivity was quantitated by LSC (cf.

  • Liquid samplesRadioactivity of liquid samples was measured directly by liquid scintillation counting (LSC; TRI-CARB 2500, Canberra Packard, Frankfurt, Germany), using a multi-purpose scintillation counter.

  • After air-drying of the Soxhlet-extracted samples and combustion of subsamples (3 x 0.5 g), non-extractable radioactivity in the soil was quantified after combustion by LSC (cf.

  • Information will be distributed to LSC delegates, coaches, and posted on the Hawaiian Swimming website.

  • Losses of highly volatile 2-methoxy-propylamine were minimized by intensive reflux cooling (-40 °C).For determination of 14CO2, 10 mL aliquots of the absorption fluid were measured using LSC (cf.

More Definitions of LSC

LSC means (i) the Local Service Center (LSC) for SWBT, PACIFIC, and NEVADA; (ii) Local Exchange Carrier Center (LECC) for SNET; and (iii) Information Industry Service Center (IISC) for SBC-AMERITECH.
LSC has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.15.
LSC. The Law on Commercial Companies No. 19550 and amendments thereto.
LSC means Local Swim Committee, the regional governing body for USA Swimming. The LSC for the state of Utah is Utah Swimming.
LSC means the lump sum compensation payable for the maximum degree of permanent impairment for the injury set out in column 4 of the table of injuries.