Definition of Loan Conversion Date

Loan Conversion Date means the date which is the first day of the month the Required Completion Date, which date shall not be later than August 1, 2009.

Examples of Loan Conversion Date in a sentence

Interest on any Term Loan (draws that are not reimbursed by the City one hundred eighty-one days after a Principal Advance or the Letter of Credit Expiration Date, whichever comes first) are payable at the Term Loan Rate from the date of such Term Loan Conversion Date, payable monthly in arrears on the first day of each calendar month and on the date on which the final installment of the principal of the Term Loan is payable.
Amounts repaid or prepaid on or after the Loan Conversion Date may not be reborrowed.
The date on which the Lender satisfies all of the requirements in the immediately preceding sentence is the Loan Conversion Date.
Swing Loans shall be repaid on the earlier of (i) the Expiration Date or (ii) the Swing Loan Repayment Date for such Swing Loan, or in the case of any Swing Loan at any time upon demand by the Administrative Agent (any such date being the Swing Loan Conversion Date).
The Borrower may, upon not less than 15 days' notice to the Administrative Agent, elect (the "Term Loan Election") to convert all of the Advances outstanding on the Revolver Termination Date in effect at such time into a term loan which the Borrower shall repay in full ratably to the Lenders on the Maturity Date; provided that no Default has occurred and is continuing on the date of notice of the Term Loan Election or on the Term Loan Conversion Date on which such election is to be effected.