Definition of Loan Commitment Fee

Loan Commitment Fee means the Loan Commitment Fee (as defined in Appendix A to the Original Participation Agreement).

Loan Commitment Fee means $310,000.00.

Loan Commitment Fee means the sum of Twelve Thousand Five Hundred and No/100 Dollars ($12,500.00).

Examples of Loan Commitment Fee in a sentence

Borrower shall have paid to Lender, on or before the Effective Date, the Loan Commitment Fee and the Lender Expenses.
Borrower hereby authorizes Lender to disburse on the Effective Date such Loan proceeds directly to Lender as are necessary to pay the Lender Expenses and the Loan Commitment Fee.
All participations funded by the Lenders under this Section 4.2.6(b) shall be treated as the funding of the Revolving Loans for purposes of the calculation of the Revolving Loan Commitment Fee.
Borrower hereby agrees to pay Agent, for the account of each Lender, a commitment fee (the Delayed Draw Term Loan Commitment Fee) in an aggregate amount equal to 1.00% of the amount set forth beside such Lenders name on Schedule C-2 to the Credit Agreement (as amended hereby), which Delayed Draw Term Loan Commitment Fee shall be fully earned, non-refundable and due and payable in full on the Sixth Amendment Effective Date.
If the Canadian Funding Banks do not receive payment in full of a Canadian Revolving Loan Commitment Fee due and owing to the Canadian Funding Banks, the portion of such Canadian Revolving Loan Commitment Fee payable to such Participating Lender shall be reduced proportionately.