Limited definition

Limited means the person can complete approximately 75% or more of the activity without support and the caregiver provides support for approximately 25% or less of the activity.
Limited means what the Executive cannot or is unable to do.
Limited means that most of the partners have limited liability (to the extent of their investment) as well as limited input regarding management decisions, which generally encourages investors for short-term projects, or for investing in capital assets. Also limited partners can only receive a share of the profits based on the prorated amount of their investment. This form of ownership is not often used for operating retail or service businesses. Forming a limited partnership is more complex and formal than that of a general partnership.

Examples of Limited in a sentence

Canada will have the right to declare a bid non-responsive if the Bidder, or any member of the Bidder if the Bidder is a Joint Venture, appears on the “FCP Limited Eligibility to Bid“ list at the time of contract award.

By submitting a bid, the Bidder certifies that the Bidder, and any of the Bidder's members if the Bidder is a Joint Venture, is not named on the Federal Contractors Program (FCP) for employment equity "FCP Limited Eligibility to Bid" list available at the bottom of the page of the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) - Labour's website ( development/programs/employment-equity/federal-contractor-program.html#).

If the AIEE becomes invalid, the name of the Contractor will be added to the "FCP Limited Eligibility to Bid" list.

In respect of short-term securities or instruments (where the maturity date of the security or instrument is less than one year), Counterparties must have a designated rating for Commercial Paper/Short-Term Debt no lower than (a) Domin- ion Bond Rating Service Limited (“DBRS”) - “R-1(low)”; (b) Fitch Ratings (“Fitch”) - “F1”; (c) Moody’s Investors Service (“Moody’s”) - “P-1”; and (d) Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”) - “A-1(Low)”.

Canada will also have the right to terminate the Contract for default if a Contractor, or any member of the Contractor if the Contractor is a Joint Venture, appears on the “FCP Limited Eligibility to Bid” list during the period of the Contract.

More Definitions of Limited

Limited as used here means 'Interim', not Limited-service. Please refer to Agency of Administration Bulletin #4.10 Categories of Employment for establishment procedures for limited-service positions.
Limited means an establishment to dry clean and/or wash and dry clothes and other fabrics brought in and carried away by the customer. This may include self-service or coin-operated facilities.
Limited means the preparation of camera-ready artwork and text, photocopying, printing, and binding in a building not exceeding two thousand (2,000) square feet.
Limited means Nobel Insurance Limited, an Islands of Bermuda corporation.
Limited means The Limited, Inc. and its Affiliates.
Limited means a license with a designation that grants permission to operate a
Limited means that [*****] is limited to [*****].