Licensed Goods definition

Licensed Goods means the items of Business Inventory that are the subject of the licence set out in Clause 26.2(B);
Licensed Goods is defined in this Agreement as all goods bearing the Marks as authorized by Licensor from time to time.
Licensed Goods means the finished or unfinished items bearing the Trademarks.

Examples of Licensed Goods in a sentence

  • If the review of Licensed Goods has not been completed by the Review Date the Licence shall lapse, and the licensee shall no longer be entitled to place the Licensed Xxxx on the Certified Goods.

  • Licensee shall use upon or in connection with any display of a Trademark or creation of Licensed Goods a TM.

  • The Customer shall comply with all applicable laws, safety standards, codes and regulations relating to the manufacture, sale, distribution or other dealing with the Licensed Goods in the Territory.

  • The Customer hereby agrees that the Credit Line shall be included on all Licensed Goods.

  • Licensee may sublicense and/or subcontract the manufacture, sale and/or distribution of Licensed Goods, provided that (i) Licensee shall, directly or indirectly, participate with its sublicensee or otherwise be involved with its sublicensee in the manufacture and/or sale and/or distribution of such Licensed Goods and (ii) any sublicense shall be consistent with this license.

More Definitions of Licensed Goods

Licensed Goods means those goods set forth on Schedule B attached hereto, as Schedule B may be amended from time to time with the mutual agreement of the parties.
Licensed Goods means, in connection with the conduct of the Chemical Business, goods that Company or another Licensee is manufacturing bearing a Licensed Xxxx, or distributing, providing or advertising by means of such Licensed Xxxx, in each case, as of the date of this License.
Licensed Goods means those goods set forth on Schedule B attached hereto, and incorporated by reference herein as if set forth in full, as Schedule B may be amended from time to time in the manner set forth in paragraph 2(c) and 8(d below.
Licensed Goods means the Products.
Licensed Goods means tea cultivated, grown and produced in conformity with these Regulations;
Licensed Goods means hundred percent (100%) tea which has been cultivated, grown or produced in the tea gardens situated within the territory of India;
Licensed Goods means Products sold under the Licensed Trademarks.