LE definition

LE means leave entitlement in weeks; and
LE means life expectancy.
LE means the entity described in section 8.

Examples of LE in a sentence

  • Brooks SK, Webster RK, Smith LE, Woodland L, Wessely S, Greenberg N, et al.

  • If a Revised LE was issued without a valid reason, the previous valid LE would be considered the Binding LE for the purposes of comparison with the Closing Disclosure.

  • The Initial LE shall use the delivery date to calculate the earliest closing Consummation Date (no less than seven (7) business days from the delivery of the Initial LE).

  • If applicable, Organization leases to Keyholder for the Term, and Keyholder agrees to lease, iBox BT LE units (“iBoxes”).

  • The WPC PDSA Report template will be used for each PDSA that the LE is conducting.

More Definitions of LE

LE means Lettre d’Exécution, the Implementation Agreement entered into between CLM and each Line Ministry and setting forth nutrition related activities and services and financial arrangements thereof, to be carried out by the respective Line Ministry in accordance with a Work Program approved by CLM.
LE means Egyptian Pound.
LE. FCO Locally Employed StaffMedical Provider” means the Authority‟s contracted provider for routine and trauma medical services at the BEM.
LE means that the rate for a Purchase Date in respect of a Notified Discount Receivable will be the rate for deposits in Euros for such period as SANUK, acting reasonably, considers most appropriate having regard to the period between the Purchase Date and the Maturity Date of such Notified Discount Receivable (as indicated in the table in Clause 1 or shown on the Website, as applicable), which appears on the Reuters Screen LIBOR01 Page as of 11:00 a.m. London time on the day that is two Business Days preceding that Purchase Date. If such rate does not appear on the Reuters Screen LIBOR01 Page, the rate in respect of that Purchase Date shall be determined in accordance with Condition 9.1 below;
LE lns"JUc"tion of the :h.:mps:~ reem i~ waiv::: ;u:d the 3 spaces will be I::lSe::l:o t.~e Cit'J 011 r..':e same Ca.5U 33 the 25 spaces. 5. Tile City .gr= to wai"V: x.xx re(jt:ir::n"nt that Kr.<r. pay ~nt in the amo;t of S~,COO.OO I::r ye:lt fcr to':e firs; 10 y=s and fur.':e: a~es to waive the requir:.''tle::t tbt KT.<L pa)' ~n: in l.':e oo::xXX.:~t 55000.00 per y= for the secend 10 y::us and fur_1:r ag:-ees to waive the provision that would hoove required that t.~e ~:nd dur',ng ~: see oed 1 0 ye~ period be h::c;::.ase:J by five (5%) pc:-cer:t iI1'~,1l:ll1y 0: t..~e oovai!a!:le cors.uner prie: ir.c~ (C?l) at lhoo: time which :"Ver wocld ha-ve be!!:l g::3ter; f.:.-.ier the City .....m as::: to waive to':e pay:nenl req',.jr:::le::: at :he end o::l':e :'ol.-:ntie!h (206) year as $et fOJ!".; in FaragraFh 17.1 ~Dij;) of the Purcl1a.:5e and Sale Agr:=e::r (toir.lugh tlle 30 ye.'lr). 6. The City agr=os to pay [0 KT.<1. as r:nul for each space from the total of 23 spaces w:'lic~ KT/Q. le~a ba.c!: to ~e City a sum wl:icll will be Ft'Or:l!:d en a Fe: space basis, from :.ie Gr~ss R:venue of r..':.:: g:ar:lge, less the :ost of opc:l!ion (any provision fer a mar.age:::lent fee sh.allnot be consid=d par. of t..ie "cost of ope""tior."), all t:lxes (il::cluc!m!; 51;1t: or C01l:lty Sales and Ad Valorem la;tes, if oor.y, but ::c:Iud:::g income :a:'t:s of any kind wh:r..soeve:-), utilities, mainte=c:, and the .clu.:1l interest 00 r..'!e bo~owed fUnds for to':e XxxX:: xxx.xx:'~ct:o:: (based upon the pro :au share of the: Cir-J of Miami Beach's ParJCng Reve::ue B'lncls Series 199;, whie::. wet: issue:: oot for sale cot to exceed 5.! 25% p1:r ar~"'l=, or cased on such other Garage fln.'1ncing sour:es not to exce::; 5.125% amor.izd on the same basi a as under the Miami Be:t:h Parking Revenue Bonds Series 1997) allcc:ued 10 the 101.'1 Street C'3r.1ge (defined as "e:t re"cues"); for t..,,, tlm f.scal y=, said rental shall be es:irr:at:d Qt 51,500.00 per spac: pe~ 'J= paY'lbl: quar::~ly. A: the end of the first fisC3l y=, a.t"::r co"'ple,tion of6e Cir-j annual audit the City's "ne:~ rev:::ues" for the 10t.'1 St.."t:t garage shall be adjusted SQ that KT.<1. will receive the =01lI\1 that refle:ts the City's acrual I:re rated "ne: revenues" per space from the xxxxx of the cCt::lpletion of the 10 UI S!I'Ce~ Gsng: and said figure shall be ~d as the c:sri.:nated rental for the: second y=. Each year a.."ter the completion of the City annual 3l.ldit, t..,e City's "n:: revenues" pe~ Silao: r...
LE. جنيه" والعلامة "ج.م.": means pounds being the lawful currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt; تعنى الجنيهات بوصفها العملة القانونية لجمهورية مصر العربية.