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  • In addition to the foregoing, if Seller has not provided or does not have Acquired User Data meeting such standards with respect to a particular User, if such User provides such information and documentation meeting the standards set forth in such KYC Procedures, as determined by Purchaser in its reasonable discretion, Purchaser shall cause an account to be opened for such User in accordance with its standard account opening procedures following its receipt of such information and documentation.

  • Seller and Purchaser shall offer (i) each eligible creditor pursuant to the Plan that is not a User (each, an “ Eligible Creditor” ) and (ii) each User the opportunity, subject to the consummation of the Closing and such User and Eligible Creditor meeting the requirements of the KYC Procedures and accepting the terms and conditions of the Binance.US Platform, to receive its Net Owed Coins or other Plan distribution through the Binance.US Platform in accordance with Section 6.12 and the Plan.

  • Subject to Seller’s providing the Acquired User Data in accordance with Section 6.6, and such Acquired User Data meeting the standards set forth in the KYC Procedures, as determined by Purchaser in its reasonable discretion, Purchaser shall cause an account to be opened for each User on the Binance.US Platform on or before the User Asset Migration Date.

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KYC Procedures means any and all applicable “know your Buyerdue diligence, anti-money laundering, anti- corruption, counter terrorism financing, anti-bribery or other similar checks, processes and procedures, whether resulting from any internal requirement of Seller or from the operation of any applicable law (including without
KYC Procedures means the “Know Your Customer” or customer identification procedures that must be undertaken before we provide you with our Services.

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  • Internal Procedures means in respect of the making of any one or more entries to, changes in or deletions of any one or more entries in the register at any time (including without limitation, original issuance or registration of transfer of ownership) the minimum number of the Warrant Agent’s internal procedures customary at such time for the entry, change or deletion made to be complete under the operating procedures followed at the time by the Warrant Agent, it being understood that neither preparation and issuance shall constitute part of such procedures for any purpose of this definition;

  • Policies and Procedures means the written policies and procedures of the Client in any way related to the Services, including any such policies and procedures contained in the Organic Documents and the Offering Documents.