kV definition

kV means kilovolt.
kV means kilovolts.

Examples of kV in a sentence

  • Teubner, Die Familienbürgschaft in der Kollision unverträglicher Handlungslogiken, (2000) KV 288, 296.

  • In case of supply through an independent feeder drawn directly from the Grid Station, the cost of outgoing 11 KV Circuit Breakers in the Grid Station shall also have to be paid for by the prospective consumer.2. The consumer falling within the purview of this Tariff may not be required to have a separate circuit in their installations for measuring the lights and fans consumption required for the offices and for the normal working of the industry.

  • Supplying and drawing PVC insulated & sheathed GI Round Wire armored 1.1 KV GRADE WITH Flexible copper conductor Cable ISI marked and approved make in existing Cable Tray/ Fixing on Saddles including making connections etc.

  • High voltage electric (100 KV or greater) or steel natural gas transmission lines located on but not directly serving the Property.

  • The Switch shall have such a spring mechanism so as to ensure that the speed of the opening of contact is independent of speed of manualoperation.Fixed Contacts The fixed jaw type female contacts (80x50x8 )mm for 11 KV shall be made of electrolytic copper ( minimum 95 % copper composition) duly electroplated controlled by phosphorus bronze/Stainless Steel high pressure spring housed in robust G.I. Cover.

More Definitions of kV

kV means kiloVolts.
kV means Kilovolts.
kV means kilovolt;
kV means a kilovolt of electrical potential.
kV means one kilovolt or 1,000 volts;
kV means kiloVolts. “kWh” means kiloWatt-hour.
kV means kilovolt. “kW” means kilowatt.