Key Holder definition

Key Holder has the meaning ascribed to it in the Preamble to this Agreement.
Key Holder means any of Aaron Levie, Dylan Smith and Dan Levin.
Key Holder shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

Examples of Key Holder in a sentence

  • Any Proposed Key Holder Transfer not made in compliance with the requirements of this Agreement shall be null and void ab initio, shall not be recorded on the books of the Company or its transfer agent and shall not be recognized by the Company.

  • In order to enforce the foregoing covenant, the Company may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to the shares of Capital Stock of each Key Holder (and transferees and assignees thereof) until the end of such restricted period.

  • Upon the execution and delivery of an Adoption Agreement by any transferee, such transferee shall be deemed to be a party hereto as if such transferee were the transferor and such transferee’s signature appeared on the signature pages of this Agreement and shall be deemed to be an Investor and Stockholder, or Key Holder and Stockholder, as applicable.

  • If the options to purchase the remaining shares are exercised in full by the Exercising Investors, the Company shall immediately notify all of the Exercising Investors and the selling Key Holder of that fact.

  • Each Key Holder represents and warrants that such Key Holder is the sole legal and beneficial owner of the shares of Transfer Stock subject to this Agreement and that no other person or entity has any interest in such shares (other than a community property interest as to which the holder thereof has acknowledged and agreed in writing to the restrictions and obligations hereunder).

More Definitions of Key Holder

Key Holder. XXXXXXXX DESCENDANTS’ TRUST – BB DATED JANUARY 19, 2018 By: /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Trustee
Key Holder means any of the following individuals and entities: (i) Privateer Holdings, Inc., (ii) any Founder, (iii) any Permitted Entity of the entity and (iii) any Permitted Transferee of any of the foregoing individuals and entities or Permitted Entities.
Key Holder means any of Holdings and any transferee of Common Shares from Holdings, other than the Company and any Preferred Holder.
Key Holder means each of Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa.
Key Holder means any one or more persons named on Schedule B hereto, each person to whom the rights of a Key Holder are assigned pursuant to Section 3.1, each person who hereafter becomes a signatory to this Agreement pursuant to Section 6.9 or 6.17 and any one of them, as the context may require. As of the date of this Agreement is signed, there is one Key Holder.
Key Holder means each of Jennifer Y. Hyman and Jennifer C. Fleiss.