Juvenile offender definition

Juvenile offender means any juvenile who has been found by
Juvenile offender means any juvenile who has been found by the juvenile court to have committed an offense, including a person eighteen years of age or older over whom jurisdiction has been extended under RCW 13.40.300;
Juvenile offender means a person who commits a delinquent act prior to his or her eighteenth birthday.

Examples of Juvenile offender in a sentence

  • Juvenile offender investigation records maintained by law enforcement agencies, in general, are treated no differently than adult records, including records identifying a juvenile suspect, victim, or witness in an initial incident report.

  • Juvenile offender records traditionally have been considered confidential and treated differently from other records in the criminal justice system.

  • Juvenile offender registry information is not protected by FERPA.

  • If holiday falls on Sunday, time off with pay shall be granted on the following Monday.

  • Juvenile offender may be imposed a punishment or compulsory measures of educational character.

More Definitions of Juvenile offender

Juvenile offender means any juvenile who has been
Juvenile offender means (1) a person, thirteen years old who is
Juvenile offender means an offender who is supervised by an officer of the juvenile court or has been adjudicated unruly or delinquent by the juvenile court and placed in the custody of the division of juvenile services.
Juvenile offender means a person under the age of eighteen (18)
Juvenile offender means any person between the age of twelve and eighteen years at the time of committing a criminal offense.
Juvenile offender means a child who has been assigned an incident number.
Juvenile offender means any person of any age who is detained by, or committed to the custody of, the department.