JO definition

JO means ECU’s Joondalup Campus.
JO is a small or routine maintenance item normally under one thousand dollars ($1,000), which is not a PM. XXx are distinct from any Work requested pursuant to the JOC Agreement.
JO means ECU’s Joondalup campus; “ML” means ECU’s Mount Lawley campus; “SW” means ECU’s Southwest campus.

Examples of JO in a sentence

  • The delivery period shall be within Fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the Purchase Order (PO) and/or Job Order (JO).

  • Price quotations to be denominated in Philippine Peso shall include all applicable government taxes subject to (BIR 2306) 5% R-VAT and(BIR 2307) 1% (PO) or 2% (JO) deductions.

  • This change cancels and incorporates N JO 7110.462, User Request Evaluation Tool (URET), effective April 30, 2007.

  • All student educational records will be protected in accordance with law and Board policy JO.

  • Garcia Raboso, J.O. Lopez BerengueresUniversidad de Oviedo, Oviedo, SpainJ.

More Definitions of JO

JO means “Place”.
JO means joint operation as defined under IFRS;
JO means Journal Officiel, the Borrower’s Legal Gazette;
JO. Dade President Title:~- By: Title: Tenant: Sott I By: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Title: By: Title: President and CEO CONSULT YOUR ADVISORS - This document has been prepared for approval by your attorney. No representation or recommendation is made by CB, Commercial as to the legal sufficiency or tax consequences of this document or the transaction to which it relates. These are questions for your attorney. -kwy ~eol estate transaction, It Is recommended that you consult with a professional, such as a civil engineer, Industrial if h aynAriance in evaluating the condition of the property, including the possible presence
JO. Official Residences” shall mean Malacañang, and other government-owned structures where the President