ISV definition

ISV means an entity other than Microsoft that is engaged in the development or marketing of software products.

Examples of ISV in a sentence

  • Title and ownership to Existing Software Product(s) delivered by Contractor under the Contract that is normally commercially distributed on a license basis by the Contractor or other independent software vendor proprietary owner (“Existing Licensed Product”), embedded in the Custom Products, shall remain with Contractor or the proprietary owner of other independent software vendor(s) (ISV).

  • In connection with Customer’s use of WhatsApp Business Solution, Client may not grant any third-party service provider (hereinafter referred to as ‘Independent Software Vendor’ and/or ‘ISV’) access to the WhatsApp Business account of Client and/or Client’s WhatsApp Business Traffic, unless the Client and ISV have signed the WhatsApp ISV Terms.

  • If Client intends to, or has engaged and ISV Client shall immediately notify Supplier, provide the information of the ISV as reasonably requested and shall comply with the WhatsApp ISV Terms.

  • Certification by 2 or more Independent Software Vendor (ISV) product certifications; these certifications can be in process, but shall be completed within 3 months of certification.

  • These models and configurations are selected to provide optimized performance and scalability for ISV solutions for small and midsize businesses.• IBM i 7.1 workload management is enhanced to support the ability to limit the number of cores a selected workload will be able to run on concurrently.

More Definitions of ISV

ISV means an independent software vendor which is a provider of Graphical User Interface software which interfaces with the ICE Platform API and both determines the requirement for sending, and sends, order handling messages to the Trading Server without necessarily requiring the intervention of an individual. Such ISV shall meet such Conformance Criteria as determined by the Exchange from time to time;
ISV means any entity other than Microsoft (or any subsidiary, division, or other operating unit of any such other entity) that is engaged in the development and licensing (or other marketing) of software products intended to interoperate with Microsoft Platform Software.
ISV means an intermediate statement of verification issued by a notified body in relation to the design stage or the production stage of a subsystem in accordance with section 2 of Annex VI to the Directive or issued by a notified body or designated body at an intermediate stage of the verification procedure referred to in section 3 of Annex VI to the Directive.