Isolate definition

Isolate means a population of mycobacterium tuberculo- sis bacteria that has been obtained in pure culture medium.
Isolate means the securing of a Meter Point so that gas cannot be off-taken from the Transportation System at that point; and “Isolation” shall be construed accordingly;
Isolate means to separate facilities from any source of dynamic energy;

Examples of Isolate in a sentence

Isolate HVAC system in area where work is being done to prevent contamination of duct system.

Isolate each part of the completed construction from incompatible material as necessary to prevent deterioration.

Remove or Isolate HVAC system in area where work is being done to prevent contamination of duct system.

Isolate perimeter of gypsum board applied to non-load-bearing partitions at structural abutments, except floors.

Isolate limited work within occupied areas using portable dust- containment devices.

More Definitions of Isolate

Isolate or “isolation” shall mean the physical separation of animals which have, or are suspected of having, a zoonotic disease communicable to humans from humans or other animals which do not have that disease.
Isolate means a single object or artifact or a few artifacts greater than 50 or more years old that lack clear association. Examples of isolates include a single flake, projectile point, potsherd, sherds from a single broken pottery vessel, pieces of glass from a single bottle or a single feature that lacks integrity.
Isolate means the restriction of personal rights retained by the elder or dependent
Isolate or “isolation” means to restrict a vulnerable adult’s ability to communicate, visit, interact, or otherwise associate with persons of his or her choosing. Isolation may be evidenced by acts including but not limited to:
Isolate means to physically prevent the transmission or release of an energy source to machinery or equipment;
Isolate or "isolation" means the physical separation of persons who have a contagious disease or are suspected of having a contagious disease from other persons who do not have such contagious disease.