Integration Costs definition

Integration Costs means, with respect to any acquisition, all costs relating to the acquisition and integration of the acquired business or operations into the Company, including labor costs, legal fees, consulting fees, travel costs and any other expenses relating to the integration process.
Integration Costs means costs incurred on or after the Effective Date in connection with the merger of the Company and Indus, which would not have been incurred otherwise;
Integration Costs means non-recurring integration costs incurred in connection with any Permitted Acquisition or similar Investment.

Examples of Integration Costs in a sentence

  • Adjusted Operating income margin (Non-GAAP) is adjusted to exclude the projected impact of Amortization of Acquired Intangibles and Purchased Intellectual Property, and Acquisition and Integration Costs.

  • Acquisition Related Transaction and Integration Costs may vary significantly between periods and are generally driven by the timing of acquisitions and business decisions which are unrelated to the insurance underwriting process.

  • The funds would come from the pesticide industry itself in the form of a new fee structure that would generate, it was hoped, roughly $150 million over the following nine years.

  • Adjustment for Acquisition and Integration Costs – This is comprised of consulting, transaction services, and legal fees incurred for acquisitions and certain potential acquisitions.

  • Acquisition and Integration Costs do not include costs associated with the formation of joint ventures or costs associated with the acquisition of customer relationships.

More Definitions of Integration Costs

Integration Costs means costs incurred in connection with the combination of the businesses of MMS, ICC, Sodexho Canada, MMS Canada and their respective Subsidiaries and Affiliates.
Integration Costs means costs incurred on or after 31 August 2018 in connection with the combination of the Company and Vodafone India Limited, which would not have been incurred otherwise;
Integration Costs means integration, consolidation, relocation and severance costs, golden parachute payments, restructuring charges and other costs associated with office openings and closings and lease termination costs, all determined in accordance with GAAP.
Integration Costs has the meaning given in Clause 2.6(a) (Integration Costs);
Integration Costs means costs incurred on or after the effective date in connection with the merger of the Company and erstwhile Indus Towers Limited as contemplated in the Implementation Agreement, which would not have been incurred otherwise.
Integration Costs means those costs and expenses composed of (i) severance and compensation payments, (ii) employee relocation expenses, (iii) moving and relocation costs and expenses for files, equipment, inventory and other assets, (iv) payments made in connection with consents obtained for the assignment of contracts, (v) lease and contract termination payments and (vi) other payments associated with the closure of production facilities and the termination of maintenance contracts, in each case, resulting from the consummation of Acquisitions permitted hereunder; provided that the aggregate amount of Integration Costs permitted to be added back to EBITDA for the life of this Agreement shall not exceed $40,000,000.
Integration Costs mean costs and charges attributable to the undertaking and/or implementation of cost savings initiatives, operating expense reductions and other restructuring or integration charges (including, without limitation, inventory optimization expenses, business optimization expenses, transaction costs and costs related to the opening, closure, consolidation or separation of facilities and curtailments, costs related to entry into new markets, consulting fees, recruiter fees, signing costs, retention or completion bonuses, transition costs, relocation costs, severance payments, fiscal period alignment and modifications to pension and post-retirement employee benefit plans).