Integral definition

Integral is a class of Enhanced Child Restraint System, meaning that the child is restrained only by components which comprise the Enhanced Child Restraint System (e.g. strap harness, impact shield, etc.), and not by means connected directly to the vehicle (e.g. adult seat belt).
Integral and "Non-Integral"
Integral to the educational program shall mean a component that is compulsory for all students (e.g. a class/year level Retreat).

Examples of Integral in a sentence

  • Integral Laminated-Tread Dock Bumper: Fabricated from 4-1/2 inch or 6 inch thick, multiple, uniformly thick plies cut from fabric-reinforced rubber tires.

  • Integral Molded-Rubber Dock Bumpers: Fabricated from 4 inch or 6 inch thick, heavy molded- rubber compound reinforced with nylon, rayon, or polyester cord; with Type A Shore durometer hardness of 80, plus or minus 5, when tested according to ASTM D 2240.

  • Integral illuminators shall be used for transparent gauges, if necessary.

  • For hazardous area explosion proof enclosure as described in NECarticle 500 10 Zero & span adjustabilityContinuous, tamper proof, remote as well as manual from instrument with zero suppressionand elevation facility.11Local IndicatorTo be provided12DisplayDigital LCD Integral Display (minimum 5 digit) Engineering Unit13Process connection½” NPT (F)14Electrical connection½“ NPT15MOC of Electrical HousingAluminum Alloy or better16Ambient Temperature65 Deg.

  • EQUITY AND LIABILITIESNoteNo. Significant accounting policy & notes to accounts 18The accompanying notes are an Integral part of the Financial Statements As per our report of even date attached heretoFor H.

More Definitions of Integral

Integral means that a medical procedure represents a component of a more complex procedure performed at the same time.
Integral means that which is central to or inherent in the use or operation of classified farm and agricultural land for commer- cial agricultural purposes. To be considered integral to the farming operation, the residence of the farm operator or owner and/or housing for farm employees must be the place(s) from which the farmer conducts his/her commercial agricultural business.
Integral means a part of the device that cannot be removed without compromising the device’s function or destroying the physical integrity of the unit.
Integral. High performance lens corrected horn, 28 dB gain ~ Non-integral: 0.3 m at 35 dBi or 0.6 m at 41dBi FREQUENCY RANGE DIGITALLY SYNTHESIZED, SOFTWARE CONTROLLED ~ 24.5 to 26.5 GHz ~ T/R Spacing = 1008 MHz CHANNEL BANDWIDTH 7 MHz, optional 14 MHz and 28 MHz MODULATION FORMAT CENTRAL STATION TO TERMINAL STATION: 4 QAM or 16 QAM, TDM TERMINAL STATION TO CENTRAL STATION: 4 QAM or 16 QAM, TDMA TRANSMIT POWER 4QAM 16QAM CENTRAL STATION (TYP) [***] dBm (+2/-1 dB) [***] dBm (+2/-1 dB) TERMINAL STATION (TYP) [***] dBm (+2/-1 dB) [***] dBm (+2/-1dB) ATPC (AUTOMATIC TRANSMIT POWER CONTROL RANGE): 50 dB RECEIVER RECEIVER SENSITIVITY:(BER=[***]) 4 QAM 16 QAM Central Station: [***] dBm at 8 Mb/s [***] dBm at 16 Mb/s Terminal Station: [***] dBm at 8 Mb/s [***] dBm at 16 Mb/s RECEIVER SENSITIVITY: (BER=[***]) 4 QAM 16 QAM Central Station: [***] dBm at 8 Mb/s [***] dBm at 16 Mb/s Terminal Station [***] dBm at 8 Mb/s [***] dBm at 16 Mb/s AIR INTERFACE Netro's CellMACTM protocol for wireless ATM, with centralized traffic scheduling based on Netro's virtual framer for ATM CBR traffic and virtual shaper for ATM VBR traffic SYSTEM CAPACITY CAPACITY PER SUBSCRIBER (7 MHz, full duplex, channel): ~ 4 QAM: 64 Kb/s to 8 Mb/s ~ 16 QAM: 64 Kb/s to 16 Mb/s [***] CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED INTERFACE TERMINAL STATIONS: CENTRAL STATIONS: SPECIFICATIONS ~ E1/T1 and Fractional E1/T1 ~ E1/T1 and Fractional E1/T1 ~ ISDN PRI ~ ISDN PRI NETWORK MANAGEMENT Integral SNMP, for industry compatibility Downloadable software, local and remote Windows NT based Performance measurement:: per G.821, G.826, and ITU-R Rec 697-1 STANDARDS AND SYSTEM: ETSI prETS 300 431, BAPT 211 ZV, MPT 1420, prETS REGULATORY TM4. ITU-R, RecF.749, x.731 COMPLIANCE EMC: CE Mark, CISPR 22, EN55022, EN50082-1 and 2, ETS 300 339 and 385 Traffic interface: ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.775, G 823, I.431,CTR 12, TBR 13, IEEE 802.3 Mechanical and safety: IS09001, FQAA. CE Mark, EN 60950, EN 41003, IEC 950 Environmental: ETS 300 019 ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING TEMPERATURE, CENTRAL STATION ~ Indoor unit: 0~ C to +40~ C ~ Outdoor unit: -33~ C to +55~ C OPERATING TEMPERATURE, TERMINAL STATION ~ Outdoor unit: -33~ C to +55~ C RELATIVE HUMIDITY (INDOOR): 5-95%, NON-CONDENSING ALTITUDE (SYSTEM): 0-4500 m WIND LOADING: Operational: 145 km/hr; Survival: 200 km/hr POWER INPUT VOLTAGE: ~ Terminal Station: -48 VDC/-24 VDC or 220 VAC, 50 Hz ~ Central station: -48 VDC/-24 VDC Power consumption (typ): ~ Central station: 400 W ~ Terminal Station: 35 W REDU...
Integral means a part of the device that cannot be removed without compromising the