INP definition

INP means the use of existing and available call routing, forwarding, and addressing capabilities (e.g. remote call forwarding) to enable a Customer to receive Telephone Exchange Service provided by any Local Exchange Carrier operating within the exchange area with which the Customer’s telephone number(s) is associated, without having to change the telephone number presently assigned to the Customer and regardless of whether the Customer’s chosen Local Exchange Carrier is the carrier that originally assigned the number to the Customer.

Examples of INP in a sentence

  • INP will be provided with minimum impairment of functionality, quality, reliability and convenience to subscribers of CLEC or SBC-SWBT.

  • Extensive fundamental and applied investigations into the properties of nuclear matter immediately started at the newly established Institute for Nuclear Problems (INP) with its operating 680 MeV synchrocyclotron, headed by the young physicists M.G. Meshcheryakov andV.P. Dzhelepov, later world-known scientists.After the INP, the Electrophysical Laboratory of the USSR Academy of Sciences (EFLAN), headed by Academician V.I. Veksler, was set up in Dubna.

  • VC Beach Internal Nominating Procedures for Major GamesVolleyball Canada will publish and Internal Nominating Procedure (INP) at least 8 months in advance of Major Games including the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

  • As described herein, INP is a service arrangement whereby an End User, who switches subscription of exchange service from one provider to another is permitted to retain, for its use, the existing assigned number provided that the End User remains in the same serving wire center.

  • Apart from the above-mentioned competences, INP will retain its responsibility in granting concessions for the exploration and production of gas, as well as the responsibility to establish the MDP.

More Definitions of INP

INP means the delivery of service provider Number Portability capabilities through the use of switch-based call routing as described in 47 C.F.R. Section 52.7.
INP refers to the temporary means by which BellSouth allows customers to retain their existing telephone numbers when changing from one local exchange carrier to another. This service provides transparent delivery of Telephone Number Portability ("TNP") capabilities, from a customer standpoint in terms of call completion, and from a carrier standpoint in terms of compensation, through the use of call routing, forwarding, and addressing capabilities. The interim nature of these arrangements result from the fact that their performance and cost cannot meet or sustain end-user customer or co-carrier expectations. Standards for permanent number portability will be set by regulatory stricture, and both Parties agree to implementation of permanent number portability at the earliest possible point in time.
INP and “Interim Number Portability” have the meaning stated in Attachment 8, Section 2.
INP means In-Person meeting procedures and applies only when the procedures for In-Person meetings differs from Electronic (ELE) meeting procedures.
INP means the Recipient’s National Institute of Pedology (Institut National de Pédologie) established pursuant to the Recipient’s Décret No. 2004-802 of June 28, 2004, which is responsible for the mandate to improve the productivity of land, in the framework of the government strategy to reduce rural poverty.