Definition of Initial performance test

Initial performance test means the test required by (i) 40 CFR Part 60 for determining compliance with standards of performance, or (ii) a permit issued pursuant to 9VAC5-80 (Permits for Stationary Sources) for determining initial compliance with permit limitations. Initial performance tests shall be conducted in accordance with 9VAC5-50-30 and 9VAC5-60-30.
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Examples of Initial performance test in a sentence

If you own or operate a new or reconstructed 4SLB stationary RICE with a site rating of greater than or equal to 250 and less than or equal to 500 brake HP located at a major source of HAP emissions, you must conduct an Initial performance test within 240 days after the compliance date that is specified for your stationary RICE In SS63 6595 and according to the provisions specified in Table 4 to this subpart, as appropriate.