Definition of Initial Investment Amount

Initial Investment Amount as of any date means (i) the aggregate purchase price paid by the Investor for all Purchased Shares (inclusive of all reasonable fees and documented brokers' fees, commissions or similar transaction costs), but in no event shall the per Share purchase price for any Purchased Shares exceed $8.10 per share without the consent of the Sellers' Representative).

Initial Investment Amount means Forty-Seven Million and 00/100 Dollars ($47,000,000.00);

Examples of Initial Investment Amount in a sentence

Investor and Additional Investor shall cause the transfer to the Company of his entire respective portion of the Initial Investment Amount paid in consideration for the Investors' Shares being issued to said Investor or Additional Investor, as more fully set forth in Schedule A, by wire transfer, banker's check or such other form of payment as is mutually agreed by the Company and the Investors.
The Investors further represent and warrant that they understand the risks and other considerations relating to the purchase of the Purchased Shares, and that they are able to bear the economic risk of losing any part or all of its Initial Investment Amount and Second Investment Amount or any amounts being paid by it for the exercise of the Warrant, if any.
Notwithstanding Section 12.1, if Purchaser does not satisfy the Initial Investment Amount within the Post Closing Period, then the Purchaser shall pay all of the Seller and the Company's closing costs and other expenses relating hereto, including fees and disbursements of its counsel and accountants.
Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, including without limitations Sections 5 and 6 below, the Company shall issue and sell to the Investor, and the Investor shall purchase from the Company, at the Initial Closing (as defined below) for an aggregate purchase price of two million United States dollars (US$2,000,000) (the "Initial Investment Amount"), an aggregate amount of 4,172 Preferred Shares, at a purchase price per each share of the Price Per Share (the "Initial Closing Shares").
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