Influencing definition

Influencing means promoting, supporting, affecting, modifying, opposing or delaying by any means, including the providing of or use of information, statistics, studies, or analysis.

Examples of Influencing in a sentence

  • Factors Influencing Trends Major policy changes within the state such as MRS and the Title IV-E Waiver project do not appear to have been primary factors in the downward trend in petitions.

  • Influencing the wider research and policy communitySharing ideas for research with the wider research community, and even political lobbying, can also influence what research is done.

  • Influencing district level budgets, so that investments from regular development budgets improve, rather than erode resilience.

  • Advocacy is about: • Giving people a voice about the issues that affect them.• Building evidence on what needs to change and how that change can happen.• Positive change in society towards greater social justice and equality.• Influencing people with power and changing how they think and act.

  • This will be achieved by: ❖ Enforcement of statutory controls, ❖ Development of services and initiatives, ❖ Influencing and improving food hygiene and food standards across South Cambridgeshire, ❖ Monitoring of food, premises and personnel in a structured manner which indicates the condition of food standards in the District ❖ Continuous improvement of services, influenced by national and local priorities.

  • Influencing visitor behavior can require a well-planned, multifaceted educational program.

  • Influencing marine harvest techniques: One of the attri- butes recorded by Qaarsut NRC concerned their catch of Greenland halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides in Umanak/ Uummannaq Fjord.

  • Influencing goose harvest pressure: Members of the Qaarsut NRC have observed that, over the past decade, the population of Canada goose Branta canadensis has risen sharply.

  • Processes Influencing Secondary Aerosol Formation in the San Joaquin Valley during Winter.

  • Self defined ethnic breakdown White 40.3% (N=23) Pakistani22.8%(N=13) Bangladeshi10.5%(N=6) Black African7%(N=4) Other Asian7%(N=4) Black Caribbean4%(N=2) Mixed Caribbean and white4%(N=2) Arab4%(N=2) Chinese1.75%(N=1) Motivating Factors influencing the students’ decision to enrol Influencing Factors35302520151050Influencing Factors Figure 3.

More Definitions of Influencing

Influencing means promoting, supporting, affecting,
Influencing means promoting, supporting, modifying, opposing or delaying any legislative or administrative action by any means, including but not limited to the provision or use of information, statistics, studies or analyses. “Influencing” does not include the furnishing of information, statistics, studies or analyses requested by an official of the legislative or executive branch to such official, or the giving of testimony by an individual testifying at an official hearing conducted by officials of the legislative or executive branch.
Influencing means affecting or attempting to affect any action by a City official by any method, including providing information, promoting, supporting, opposing or seeking to modify or delay.
Influencing means any communication, action, making any reportable expenditure, or other means used to promote, support, affect, modify, oppose, or delay any legislative, executive, or administrative action, or to promote goodwill with the officials listed above
Influencing means the purposeful communication, either directly or through agents, promoting, supporting, modifying, opposing, causing the delay or abandonment of conduct, or otherwise intentionally affecting the behavior of a city of Sacramento official or official-elect, by any means, including, but not limited to, providing or using persuasion, information, incentives, statistics, studies or analyses; excepted from this definition is communication made as a part of a noticed governmental public meeting;

Related to Influencing

  • Influencing or attempting to influence means making, with the intent to influence, any communication to or appearance before an officer or employee of any agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with any covered Federal action.

  • Improper influence means any influence that induces or tends to induce a PHA/IHA employee or officer to give consideration or to act regarding a PHA/IHA contract on any basis other than the merits of the matter.

  • Divert means to use material for any lawful purpose other than disposal in a landfill or transfer facility for disposal

  • Influencing or attempting to influ- ence means making, with the intent to influence, any communication to or ap- pearance before an officer or employee or any agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with any covered Federal action.

  • Solicit means (A) requesting that a contribution be made, (B) participating in any fund-raising activities for a candidate committee, exploratory committee, political committee or party committee, including, but not limited to, forwarding tickets to potential contributors, receiving contributions for transmission to any such committee or bundling contributions, (C) serving as chairperson, treasurer or deputy treasurer of any such committee, or (D) establishing a political committee for the sole purpose of soliciting or receiving contributions for any committee. Solicit does not include: (i) making a contribution that is otherwise permitted by Chapter 155 of the Connecticut General Statutes; (ii) informing any person of a position taken by a candidate for public office or a public official, (iii) notifying the person of any activities of, or contact information for, any candidate for public office; or (iv) serving as a member in any party committee or as an officer of such committee that is not otherwise prohibited in this section.

  • Government Official means any officer or employee of a Governmental Authority or any department, agency or instrumentality thereof, including state-owned entities, or of a public organization or any person acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of any such government, department, agency, or instrumentality or on behalf of any such public organization.

  • Driving means operating a motor vehicle on a roadway, including while temporarily stationary because of traffic, a traffic light, stop sign, or otherwise. “Driving” does not include being in your vehicle (with or without the motor running) in a location off the roadway where it is safe and legal to remain stationary.

  • Violence means the unjustified infliction of physical force by a student with the intent to cause injury to another student or damage to the property of another student.

  • Sexual motivation means that one of the purposes for which

  • Any Occupation means any occupation that you are or become reasonably fitted by training, education, experience, age, physical and mental capacity.

  • Illicit connection means any man-made conveyance connecting an illicit discharge directly to a municipal separate storm sewer.