Industrial project definition

Industrial project means the following:
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Industrial project also means the production of motion
Industrial project means a trade solely or mainly for the manufacture of products, goods, articles, or other things within the Republic that—

Examples of Industrial project in a sentence

Practical training (Industrial project) is an essential element in the curriculum providing inside knowledge in computational mechanics project development and management.

This synopsis should be submitted to the department before the candidate is relived.2. Intimation of commencement of internship shall be submitted to the HOD concerned before the commencement of the ongoing semester.3. The Industrial project work done during 6-month/one-year internship program is equivalent to their M.Tech.

This clause shall apply to all employees of the employer whilst they are performing work on any Civil, Commercial or Industrial project where the project value is more than $2.0 million and where there is any inconsistency between any of the provisions of this award and this clause, this clause shall apply.

Traffic Study required Any Commercial or Industrial project, or a development with a design hour volume (DHV) greater than 5, will require a Traffic Study.

Transaction of disposal of the project Transfer of ownership land in Industrial project NumberTransactionPrescribed rate in SudaneseDinar1Project less than1000 m2100 thousand in SudaneseDinar2Medium project areamore than 1000.m2.

More Definitions of Industrial project

Industrial project means (1) a capital project,
Industrial project means the land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and improvements found by the governing body to be required or suitable for the promotion of industrial development and for use by manufacturing or industrial enterprise, regardless of whether the land, buildings, equipment, facilities, and improvements are in existence when or are to be acquired or constructed after the finding is made.
Industrial project means any development project that proposes any industrial or manufacturing use allowed in the following Ordinance No. zoning classifications: I-P, M-S-C, M-M, M-H, M-R, M-R-A, A-1, A-P, A-2, A-D, W-E, or SP with one of the aforementioned zones used as the base zone.
Industrial project means (i) any industrial facility (including elements for fabrication, transport on-site or to or from a related Agricultural Project, or on-site storage) which, taken as a whole, is capable of producing ethanol, biodiesel or other bio-fuels, or (ii) any expansion of any such industrial facility calculated to increase the production capacity thereof by a quantifiable number of gallons per year, together, in each case, with any real and personal property necessary or appropriate for the administration thereof.
Industrial project means any Development Project that proposes manufacturing, transportation or logistics as identified in the RTIF Land Use Fee Category Summary which is attached as Exhibit “A” hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Examples of the industrial land-use category are printing, material testing, assembly plants, manufacturing plants (where raw materials or parts are converted to finished products) and utilities.
Industrial project means (1) a capital project, including one or more buildings and other structures, improvements, machinery and equipment whether or not on the same site or sites now existing or hereafter acquired, suitable for use by any manufacturing, industrial, research, transportation or commercial enterprise including but not limited to use as a factory, mill, processing plant, assembly plant, packaging plant, fabricating plant, office building, industrial distribution center, warehouse, repair, overhaul or service facility, freight terminal, research facility, test facility, railroad facility, solid waste and wastewater treatment and disposal sites and other pollution control facilities, resource or waste reduction, recovery, treatment and disposal facilities, and including also the sites thereof and other rights in land therefor whether improved or unimproved, site preparation and landscaping and all appurtenances and facilities incidental thereto such as utilities, access roads, railroad sidings, truck docking and similar facilities, parking facilities, dockage, wharfage, railroad roadbed, track, trestle, depot, terminal, switching and signaling equipment or related equipment and other improvements necessary or convenient thereto; or (2) any land, buildings, machinery or equipment comprising an addition to or renovation, rehabilitation or improvement of any existing capital project.
Industrial project means (1) a capital project, including one or more buildings and other structures,