industrial estate definition

industrial estate means any site selected by the State Government where the Corporation builds factories and other buildings and makes them available for any industries or class of industries;
industrial estate means an area comprising sheds constructed by the Government or any of its agencies like HPSIDC, HIMUDA, HPSEDC etc. itself or in participation with private entrepreneur(s) for the establishment of Industrial enterprises.
industrial estate means an area or land demarcated and set aside for factories and warehouses

More Definitions of industrial estate

industrial estate means any building or premises designated as an industrial estate under section twenty-three;
industrial estate. (工業擥) means any industrial estate referred to in Schedule 1 to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Ordinance (5 of 2001);”.
industrial estate means a parcel of land known as Lot 2900X of Mukim 7;
industrial estate means an area of land used mainly for indus­ trial purposes and purposes ancillary or incidental thereto and having on it at least two factory buildings;
industrial estate means an estate created and registered as an industrial estate in the Program Implementing Entity’s Property Registry.
industrial estate means an general industrial zone or free zone; “General industrial zone” means a tract of land designated for the