Inconsistent definition

Inconsistent shall be defined as more than half time employment or employment during the day, outside the home.
Inconsistent means duties that are not reasonably related and within the normal scope of the employee’s job duties. The work load of anyone working out of class shall not be increased, though the particular assigned duties will change.
Inconsistent with state law, which means it must be “reconcilable” with state law (Iowa Code

Examples of Inconsistent in a sentence

Inconsistent submissions may impact ARPA-E’s final award determination.

Inconsistent provisions in the Contract Documents that address the same subject, are consistent, and have different degrees of specificity, are not in conflict and the more specific language will control.

Inconsistent items (anti-theft club with a rental, unexpected luggage, etc.) ResourcesProactive Field Stops Training Unit – Instructor's Guide, Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions, 2001.

The Web site designed for members of the public; includes basic and advanced search tools for finding clinical studies and provides resources on various topics such as help for using the site, information on registration and results submission processes, and how to download content for analysis.

Inconsistent provisions A provision of a residential tenancy agreement that is inconsistent with a provision of this Act has no effect.

More Definitions of Inconsistent

Inconsistent in this context means inconsistent with the standards of good de- cision making. Because people often do things that they shouldn’t do, this sense of ‘inconsistent’ can come apart from the motivational sense of ‘inconsistent’ from the previous paragraph. If RPT is agnostic about the referent of utility and prefer- ence, or if it equates utility and preference with choice behavior, it fails to provide a reason to think complying with EUM is what we ought to do. Suppose I selected x, y N M , x C(N ) and y C(M ) and then decided against x C(M ). If someone objected “But you chose x, y N M , x C(N ) and y C(M )!” I could justifiably respond “So what?” I am not constrained by a matter of physical necessity to obey WARP. Additionally, my past choice behavior does not, by itself, without any further description or explanation, provide an reason to act in any par- ticular way now. So if EUM is given this kind of behavioristic interpretation, we are left without a complete story as to why I ought to conform.
Inconsistent means that results get worse with more data
Inconsistent means 'mutually repugnant or contradictory, contrary, the one implies the abrogation or abandonment of the other; as, in speaking of inconsistent defences or the repeal by a statute of all laws inconsistent herewith.-- Berry
Inconsistent means the secondary is useless
Inconsistent or “Inconsistency” means one or more of the Final Terms and Conditions, terms in the New Licenses (defined below), Permits, or other measures issued by courts or agencies materially, either individually or cumulatively, conflicts with, or adds to, omits portions of or prevents implementation of the PM&E Measures (defined below) and other commitments made in this Agreement.
Inconsistent shall be defined as more than half time employment outside the home.”
Inconsistent means that two things cannot both be true, but that doesn’t apply here. The conclusion isn’t inconsistent with the evidence; it simply doesn’t follow from it.