Inconsistent definition

Inconsistent shall be defined as more than half time employment or employment during the day, outside the home.
Inconsistent means duties that are not reasonably related and within the normal scope of the employee’s job duties. The work load of anyone working out of class shall not be increased, though the particular assigned duties will change.
Inconsistent in this context means inconsistent with the standards of good de- cision making. Because people often do things that they shouldn’t do, this sense of ‘inconsistent’ can come apart from the motivational sense of ‘inconsistent’ from the previous paragraph. If RPT is agnostic about the referent of utility and prefer- ence, or if it equates utility and preference with choice behavior, it fails to provide a reason to think complying with EUM is what we ought to do. Suppose I selected x, y N M , x C(N ) and y C(M ) and then decided against x C(M ). If someone objected “But you chose x, y N M , x C(N ) and y C(M )!” I could justifiably respond “So what?” I am not constrained by a matter of physical necessity to obey WARP. Additionally, my past choice behavior does not, by itself, without any further description or explanation, provide an reason to act in any par- ticular way now. So if EUM is given this kind of behavioristic interpretation, we are left without a complete story as to why I ought to conform.

Examples of Inconsistent in a sentence

  • D+20 Discovery conference on appli-cation held.D+45 Comments and protests due onthe application; requested conditions due; description of anticipated inconsistent and responsive applications due.D+50 Discovery conference on com-ments, protests and conditions held.D+75 Inconsistent and responsive ap-plications due.

  • Inconsistent with peers Santos’ remuneration approach is inconsistent with oil and gas industry peers.

  • DAPA is Inconsistent with Congressional Intent and Policy Embodied in the INAOLC’s conclusion that DAPA is consistent with congressional policy embodied in the INA is premised on two fundamental errors.

  • Inconsistent shadows cast onto the test areas (e.g. from trees) make setting an idealcamera exposure time virtually impossible, disrupt the image correlation between images, and can skew the perceived location of optical targets.

  • Inconsistent results between the two tables are observed for other markets.

More Definitions of Inconsistent

Inconsistent shall be defined as more than half time employment outside the home.”
Inconsistent describes conditions not generally compatible with the normal setting conditions, but which may be necessary under some circumstances to meet management objectives. The more removed from the “norm” shown in the above matrix, the more questionable the condition would be. for example, a pit toilet acceptable in a SPNM setting would be very questionable in a rural or urban setting. Use of metal or plastic siding or roofing that appears obviously synthetic to a visitor would be inconsistent in a roaded natural setting. Unacceptable
Inconsistent type":"definition","offset":[770,782]},{"key":"ownership-of","type":"clause","offset":[794,806]},{"key":"as-described","type":"definition","offset":[848,860]}],"samples":[{"uri":"/contracts/4rOFaqXZne9#ownership-of-intellectual-property","label":"Vow License Agreement","score":19},{"uri":"/contracts/7pwY53tv0rh#ownership- of-intellectual-property","label":"License Agreement","score":19},{"uri":"/contracts/15oZIDDIrwj#ownership-of-intellectual-property","label":"Vow License Agreement","score":19}],"hash":"f93b451568071663e01b921b2b61e55f","id":9},{"size":29,"snippet":"Employee expressly acknowledges that all trademarks, trade dress, copyrightable works, patentable inventions, ideas, new or novel inventions, concepts, systems, methods of operation, improvements, strategies, techniques, trade secrets including, but not limited to, customers (including, but not limited to, customer names, contact information, historical and/or theoretical play, or other information, and the right to market to such customers), data of any type or nature and regardless of the form or media, as well as all materials of any type of nature that comprise, reflect or embody any of the foregoing including, without limitation, databases, software, artistic works, advertisements, brochures, marketing plans, customer lists, memoranda, business plans, and proposals (collectively, “Intellectual Property”) created, conceived, developed, contributed to, or otherwise obtained, in whole or in part by the Employee during the term of [his/her] employment by Employer shall at all times be owned by Employer (and is hereby expressly assigned by Employee to Employer) if the Intellectual Property: (a) was created, conceived, developed, or contributed to: (1) using any of Employer’s property or resources; (2) on Employer’s premises; or (3) during Employee’s hours of employment; or (b) relates to Employee’s employment by Employer, even though creation of such Intellectual Property was not within the scope of Employee’s duties and responsibilities for which the Employer employs the Employee. The Executive hereby irrevocably designates and appoints the Company and its duly authorized officers and agents as such Executive’s agent and attorney-in-fact (which designation and appointment shall be deemed coupled with an interest and shall survive the Executive’s death or incapacity), to act for and in the Executive’s behalf to execute and file any such applications, extensions or renewals and to do all other ...
Inconsistent means that complying with the TANF work participation or sanction requirements at section 407 of the Act or the time-limit requirement at section 408(a)(7) of the Act would ne- cessitate that a State change a policy reflected in an approved waiver.
Inconsistent means “containing incompatible elements.” Inconsistent Definition, MERRIAM WEBSTER ONLINE DICTIONARY, (last visited April 15, 2016).
Inconsistent or “Inconsistency” means one or more of the Final Terms and Conditions, terms in the New Licenses (defined below), Permits, or other measures issued by courts or agencies materially, either individually or cumulatively, conflicts with, or adds to, omits portions of or prevents implementation of the PM&E Measures (defined below) and other commitments made in this Agreement.
Inconsistent means that results get worse with more data