Inadequate definition

Inadequate means internet retail service that does not meet one hundred percent of the standards detailed in the service level agreement.
Inadequate means, for purposes of Joint-Use Projects, the square footage of the existing facility is less than 60 percent of the square footage entitlement shown in the Chart in Section 1859.124.1.
Inadequate means a rate which is unreasonably low for the insurance provided and the continued use of which endangers the solvency of the insurer using it or will have the effect of substantially lessening competition or creating a monopoly in any market;

Examples of Inadequate in a sentence

  • Inadequate sanitary facilities refers to the absence or inadequacy of garbage storage and enclosure, bathroom facilities, hot water and kitchens, and structural inadequacies preventing ingress and egress to and from all rooms and units within a building.

  • H4.1 Where the Authority terminates the Contract under clause F5.5 (Remedies in the Event of Inadequate Performance) or clause H2 (Termination on Default) and then makes other arrangements for the supply of Services, the Authority may recover from the Contractor the cost reasonably incurred of making those other arrangements and any additional expenditure incurred by the Authority throughout the remainder of the Contract Period.

  • Inadequate natural light and ventilation means the absence of skylights or windows for interior spaces or rooms and improper window sizes and amounts by room area to window area ratios.

  • Inadequate plans shall be returned to the applicant or violator for revision and resubmittal.

  • Inadequate insurance or lack of insurance does not negate the Contractor’s obligations under this Agreement.

More Definitions of Inadequate

Inadequate means rates for a particular product are clearly
Inadequate means a rate that is unreasonably low for the insurance provided
Inadequate means, Ms. Pierre?
Inadequate means rates for a particular product are clearly insufficient to sustain projected losses and expenses, or the use of such rates.
Inadequate means a rate which is unreasonably low for the
Inadequate includes a deductible in the insurance policy of the condominium corporation but only where, the condominium corporation’s governing rules specifically permits it to place the responsibility for any portion of the master policy deductible on an individual unit owner.
Inadequate here means emissions targets in this area are less ambitious than the 2℃ range defined by the studies and if all governments adopted an inadequate position, warming would likely exceed 3-4℃ [140].