In custody definition

In custody means any time an offender spent confined, as described in s. 973.155 (1), Stats., in connection with the violation.
In custody means in the legal custody of a state prison, county jail, or other correctional facility, including custody that results from:
In custody means in prison, in a jail, or in any other locked detention facility that does not meet the definition of inpatient.

Examples of In custody in a sentence

  • In custody cases where an intake relates to the alleged abuse or neglect of a child by one parent (subject) and the child is residing with the other parent, face to face contact with the child shall occur by the end of the next business day.

  • Custody and visitation: In custody and visitation cases, if venue lies in one of several cities or counties, the court in which the motion for transfer is made shall determine which such city or county is the most appropriate venue unless the parties mutually agree to the selection of venue.

  • In custody proceedings under Chapter 50A of the General Statutes.

  • In custody youth will be scheduled for a ten (10) day review hearing every ten (10) court business days that they are held in custody.

  • In custody cases where the guarantor claims a child on their tax return every other year, a copy of two years’ taxes or one year’s taxes and a copy of the custody agreement will be required to show the child is claimed as a dependent.

More Definitions of In custody

In custody means in the Insured’s custody and control at the Insured’s private residence or in the custody and control of persons authorised by the Insured at their private residences until the next business day when the Money can be deposited in the bank.
In custody means judicially imposed physi- cal confinement in a governmental facility au- thorized for detention, control, or supervision of a defendant before, during, or after a trial on a criminal charge.
In custody means imprisoned in the Wyoming state penitentiary, state penitentiary farms and camps or Wyoming women's center, committed to the Wyoming boys' school pursuant to W.S. 7‑13‑101, or on probation or parole;
In custody often means the suspect has been cuffed and is in a secure environment, even if not actually arrested.
In custody for purposes of Miranda means freedom of action curtailed to a degree associated with formal arrest. Berkemer v. McCarty, 468 U.S. 420 (1984).
In custody means that a reasonable person would not feel free to leave and to forego the interrogation. While an arrest certainly qualifies as “in custody,” other circumstances, such as being called into a room with a supervisor and law enforcement officials, also could satisfy the “in custody” requirement if the mail handler is significantly deprived of his or her freedom to leave.
In custody means being detained or held under guard by services that are covered under UMAP.