Implemented definition

Implemented means using aligned materials according to their intended design and with processes in place for continuous improvement, including initial and sustained professional learning to support the educators who are using or leading the use of the instructional materials.
Implemented or “Implementing” means (i) with respect to a Subsequent Phase that is a wind farm, the construction, Repowering or commercial operation of any Wind Turbine, and (ii) with respect to a Subsequent Phase that is either an energy storage facility or an electric generation facility that is not a wind farm, the commencement of construction or commercial operation of such Subsequent Phase which could reasonably be expected to affect any Project; provided, however, that, in either clause (i) or (ii), “Implementation,” “Implement,” “Implemented” and “Implementing” shall not include any development activities, including any activities preparing the site for a Subsequent Phase.
Implemented. Implement” and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly “Index-Linked” the adjustment of the sums referred to in this Agreement by Indexing from the date of this Agreement to the date of payment “Indexing” the sum concerned shall be linked to the Relevant Index such that any sum or financial contribution which is so linked in this Agreement shall be increased by reference to the Relevant Index calculated from the date hereof to the date of payment PROVIDED THAT if the reference base used to compile the Relevant Index changes after the date of this Agreement but before payment of any sum which is Index-Linked in this Agreement, the figure taken to be shown in the Relevant Index after the change is to be the figure that would have been shown in the Relevant Index if the reference base current at the date of this Agreement had been retainedInterest” interest at four per cent above the base lending rate of the Bank of England “Knock Lane/Blisworth Road Maintenance Fund” the sum of Fifty Thousand Pounds (£50,000.00) Index-Linked

Examples of Implemented in a sentence

  • Implemented: This guideline has been fully implemented for the needs of our repository.

  • Law Implemented 404.022, 404.051(1), (4), (5), (6), (8), (9), (10), (11), 404.061(2), (3), 404.071(1), 404.081, 404.141 FS.

  • Stat.Law Implemented: §§ 119.0701, 189.053, 190.033, 255.0518, 255.0525, 255.20, 287.055, Fla.

  • Law Implemented 985.601(3)(a), 985.14(3)(a), 985.145(1), 985.18, 985.48(4), 985.64(2) FS.

  • In contrast, station CHAE, located on the western rift flank shows the fastest and slowest arrivals are those from northerly and easterly azimuths respectively, with a peak-to-∼(n − 2)ij j /=ipeak variation of 1.25 s.

More Definitions of Implemented

Implemented means to have carried out a material operation within the meaning
Implemented means a tactic has already achieved its original goal – either a quantitative milestone has been reached or specific actions/deliverables that defined the tactic were carried out or completed.
Implemented. – means that all key activities to realise the value of an initiative have been completed and no further action is required for the benefit to begin to accrue and be realised.
Implemented means the installation of equipment or other item.
Implemented means that a measure is in force or being executed in the intended geographic locations and at the intended administrative levels.
Implemented means that EXIM has taken action to put into operation the statutory requirements. However, because the scope of this initial review was to identify what actions EXIM has taken (not the propriety of those actions), we take no position as to whether on the appropriateness of EXIM’s implementation was appropriate approach. See Appendix C for a summary of each of the nine key provisions and their associated implementation status.