IFSP definition

IFSP or the “Individualized Family Service Plan” means the written plan required for providing EIS to an eligible child and the child’s family, per Washington’s Federally Approved State Plan.
IFSP means an individual family service plan which is a written and individualized plan that includes Early Intervention Services and other services necessary to meet the identified unique needs of the child and their family and to enhance the child’s development.

Examples of IFSP in a sentence

  • Initial assessment refers to the assessment of the child and the family assessment conducted prior to the child's first IFSP meeting.

  • A pupil may receive special education services in more than one alternative based on the IEP or IFSP.

  • You may not raise issues in a due process hearing that were not raised in the written complaint.Within 15 days of receiving notice of your due process complaint, and prior to the due process hearing, the school district must arrange for a resolution meeting with you and the relevant members of your child’s IFSP Team who have knowledge of the facts alleged in the due process complaint.

  • Specifically, a due process hearing can be requested regarding a proposal or refusal to initiate or change your child’s evaluation, IFSP, educational placement, or to provide FAPE.

  • You and the district determine the relevant members of the IFSP team to attend the resolution meeting.

More Definitions of IFSP

IFSP means the individualized family service plan adopted in
IFSP means an individualized family service plan developed under s. 51.44, Stats.
IFSP means individualized family service plan, a written plan for providing early intervention services to a child eligible under IDEA, Part C. The IFSP may serve to authorize CAFS services in accordance with rule 5123:2-15-18 of the Administrative Code if the requirements of that rule are met with respect to such services. In Ohio, an IFSP is also written for a child in the HMG system at-risk for delays.