If you definition

If you ve got a nice car, it means you get nice women.”
If you re feeling scared, it means you don’t see around you people wearing like you’re wearing”: Dress as Community
If you re not a call girl, that means you have no pimp. Why can't you love me, Lisa? Tell me why. Who

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If you ve got short range endemics it means they occur nowhere else in the world and have a very limited geographical range...”.
If you re a partner it means you’ve got no life, because you spend your whole time working, you have to check your email while on holiday and it’s really sad” (Male consultant 3).
If you re making mistakes it means you’re out there doing something.”
If you re a Google user, this means that you may start to see a registration page after you’ve clicked through to more than five articles on the website of a publisher using the First Click Free program in a
If you re with me” means I’m hunting reciprocity here, the kind I experienced with Samuel Beckett or William Shakespeare, Fernando Pessoa or Immanuel Kant, whatever names are dropped in this baby are indicators of where I’ve felt met, but you, reader, given my big Ifs aren’t going to meet much but doubts and a question mark if
If you re sure, then by all means," I said. "But one more thing, I was wondering if I could ask you a question."
If you re poor you’re bullied, which means you won’t try your best in school. You give up….If you don’t do well in school you’ll end up with a crap job and no money.”