IE definition

IE means [***], or if [***] is unavailable, another third-party, independent engineering consultant of similar capabilities and reputation chosen by agreement of the Buyer and Seller.
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IE means Integration Engineering Services;
IE. (id est) means “that is” or “in other words”

Examples of IE in a sentence

IE Report at 51-52).Under the circumstances, the Independent Evaluator maintains that it advised National Grid that it was acceptable to seek a contractual commitment from HQUS for additional hydroelectric energy but cautioned that it must be pursued in a manner that would not cause a collapse of negotiations (Exh.

IE Report at 2).The Independent Evaluator concluded that all bids were evaluated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, and that the Evaluation Team fairly selected NECEC Hydro as the winning bid (Exh.

JU-1, at 32; JU-9-A; JU-9-B; JU-9-C; IE Report, at 31-32).Pursuant to Section 83D(c),32 DOER, in consultation with the Independent Evaluator, issued a final binding determination selecting Northern Pass Hydro as the winning bid because Northern Pass was projected to be in service two years earlier than NECEC33 (Exhs.


Solicited comments linked to specific data collection fields is the recommended approach.• Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: Use the IE form to collect only the criterion or criteria NOT MET.• Physical Examination: Record only whether or not an exam was done on the PE form.

More Definitions of IE

IE means Industrial Edge.
IE means Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail of Connolly Station, Amiens Street, Dublin 1; “Landing Page” means *;
IE means Income Eligible, which shall have the same meaning as “low income”, as defined in Section 8-103B of the PUA.
IE means Information to be Exchanged and ‘xx’ is a sequential number which univocally identifies the information to be exchanged.
IE means Instituto de Estradas, the Borrower’s Road Agency; or any successor thereto;
IE means a detailed income and expenditure assessment conducted according to standardised guidelines;
IE means “That is” or “specifically;” use it when that which is being clarified can only mean one thing. “E.g.,” means “for example;” use it when that which is being clarified could mean a variety of things.