Haul definition

Haul means the transport of an item by vehicle or boat.
Haul means to transport or remove.
Haul means to move fill and/or topsoil on Town highways;

Examples of Haul in a sentence

Haul materials, to be measured by volume in the hauling vehicle, in approved vehicles and measured therein at the point of delivery.

Haul time shall end when the truck is emptied for incorporation of the concrete into the work.

Manufactured structures which control the runoff of water from the Roadway including Inslope, overside drains, aprons, flumes, downdrains and downpipes.During Haul Maintenance.

Haul away excavated material unsuitable for filling to spoil areas, dumped and graded, all as approved by the Engineer.

Haul away surplus excavated materials not required for purposes specified above to spoil areas, dump and grade, all as approved by the Engineer, without any additional payment for the same.

More Definitions of Haul

Haul means the activity between the deployment and retrieval of a net.
Haul means to lift a pot from the water for the purpose of taking lobsters.
Haul means the Haulage of the Wagons on rail from and between the point of placing and the Hand-over Point (and vice versa) in accordance with the time tables set out in the relevant service design appendix/schedule as attached to the Train O&M Agreement, and “Hauling”/”Haulage” has a corresponding meaning;
Haul means taking timber or forest product with labor force from one place to
Haul means to transport garbage personally or using the services of another individual acting under the direct authority and control of the person whose garbage is transported.
Haul means a one-way trip; “returntrips are counted as separate hauls.
Haul means the act between the deployment and retrieval of a net.