Habitable Building definition

Habitable Building means a dwelling unit, hospital, hotel, motel, nursing home or other building where a person lives or which contains overnight accommodations.
Habitable Building means a building fit for human habitation, or in non-residential buildings, immediate occupancy, without any additional repairs or rehabilitation and for which utility meters and service lines are in place, although they may be locked off. All windows are in place, securely closed and glazed, and all exterior doors are securely closed by means of a lock. Buildings that have any condition rendering them dilapidated are not habitable buildings.
Habitable Building means all structures or facilities designed to accommodate people including residential (single and multi-unit dwellings), commercial (office buildings and commercial outdoor plazas), institutional (hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, community centers, daycare centers) and recreational facilities (recreational centers, outdoor public recreational areas, travel trailer parks, campgrounds, playgrounds, picnic areas), but not including accessory structures such as sheds.

Examples of Habitable Building in a sentence

  • Construction of a new Habitable Building where both the Habitable Building and the access route connecting it to a public street, are located entirely outside the Community Encroachment Area and where the property does not have any access to a Dry Public Street.

  • Dryland Access must be provided to new or Substantially Improved Habitable Buildings according to the following criteria:Dryland Access is required if any portion of either the Habitable Building or vehicular access route, connecting the Habitable Building to a public street, is within the Floodplain.

  • Substantial Improvement to an existing Habitable Building where the property does not have any access to a Dry Public Street.

  • Habitable Building: Any building or part thereof that meets minimum standards for use as a home or place of abode by one or more persons.

  • Habitable Building: Any Structure or part thereof that may be used as a home or place of abode by one (1) or more Persons.

More Definitions of Habitable Building

Habitable Building means any building, or other dwelling, suitable for human residency, occupation or use.
Habitable Building means any structure intended to be occupied in whole or in part by one (1) or more human beings.
Habitable Building means a building that is intended for regular human occupation.
Habitable Building means any building, or portion thereof used for human habitation.
Habitable Building means any structure where persons reside, are employed, or congregate.
Habitable Building means any house, building, structure, tent, shelter, trailer, or vehicle, or portion thereof, in which human beings reside, are employed, or congregate.
Habitable Building means any residential, commercial, or industrial building that is equipped with a permanent heating or cooling systemand an electrical system.