GSL definition

GSL means GSL Corporation, a Delaware corporation and Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the US Borrower.
GSL means GSL Corporation, a Delaware corporation and its Subsidiaries.

Examples of GSL in a sentence

  • Nothing in this contract limits our obligations to make payments in accordance with the applicable GSL scheme.

  • The distributor and the retailer must each use their best endeavours to provide each other at no cost and in a timely manner, information or documentation that the other reasonably requires to carry out their obligations to allow a GSL payment to be made to the customer.

  • A distributor must comply with any applicable distributor service standards, including under a GSL scheme.

  • In this rule: GSL payment means a payment that a distributor is required to make under a GSL scheme.

  • GSL holds an Australian Financial Services Licence, AFSL number 444609.

More Definitions of GSL

GSL means Graylands Xxxxx-Lemnos and Special Care Health Services.
GSL means Good Spirit Limited (晨曜有限公司 ), a company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability, whose registered office is at 27/F, One Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong.
GSL means at Graylands Selby-Lemnos and Special Care Health Services
GSL means GS Logistics Pty Ltd, and its successors and assigns or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of GS Logistics Pty Ltd.
GSL means General Sales List ie medicines that can be sold without supervision of a pharmacist;
GSL has the meaning ascribed to it in Schedule A to this Agreement.
GSL shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble above.