Group Undertaking definition

Group Undertaking means the Company or another undertaking in the group;
Group Undertaking means any undertaking in the Group, including the Company;
Group Undertaking means the Contractor and any undertaking which is from time to time a parent undertaking of the Contractor or a subsidiary undertaking of either the Contractor or such parent undertaking within the meaning of section 258 of the Companies Act 1985 as substituted by section 144 of the Companies Act 1989;

Examples of Group Undertaking in a sentence

  • If any potential Claim arises as a result of a contingent or unquantifiable liability of any Buyer’s Group Undertaking, each Seller will not be obliged to pay any sum in respect of the potential Claim until the liability either ceases to be contingent or becomes quantifiable; provided, however, that this paragraph 17 shall not restrict the Buyer from setting off and deducting the Buyer’s reasonable estimate of any such potential Claim from Contingent Consideration, as permitted by paragraph 11.

  • Clause 16 of Schedule 1.2 of Schedule A of the Disclosure Letter sets forth a true and complete list of all material contracts between any Group Company, on the one hand, and any Seller’s Group Undertaking, on the other hand.

  • The Board may exercise any power conferred on the Company by the Companies Acts to make provision for the benefit of persons employed or formerly employed by any Group Undertaking (or any member of his family or any person who is dependent on him) in connection with the cessation or the transfer to any person of the whole or part of the undertaking of such Group Undertaking.

  • Parent shall procure that any Intra-Group Debt that is owed as at the Completion Date by any Group Company to any Seller’s Group Undertaking (other than any Group Company), or by any Seller’s Group Undertaking (other than any Group Company) to any Group Company, is paid to the Seller’s Group Undertaking or Group Company, as applicable, to which such Intra-Group Debt is owed.

  • The Sponsor Undertaking Letter in the form agreed and the Shenzhen Neptunus Group Undertaking Letter in the form agreed executed by the parties thereto.

More Definitions of Group Undertaking

Group Undertaking. , in relation to an insurer, means a juristic person in which the insurer alone, or with its subsidiaries or holding company, directly holds 20% or more of the shares, if the juristic person is a company, or 20% or more of any other ownership interest, if the juristic person is not a company;
Group Undertaking means the Company or any of its subsidiary undertakings from time to time.
Group Undertaking means the Offeror and any subsidiary or subsidiary undertaking of the Offeror;
Group Undertaking shall have the meaning given to it by s.1161 of the Companies Act 2006;
Group Undertaking means an undertaking that is included in the same group for the purposes of preparing consolidated accounts, in accordance with Directive 2013/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013 on the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings amending Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Council Directives 78/660/EEC and 84/349/EEC or in accordance with recognised international accounting rules;
Group Undertaking means the Company or any other undertaking included in consolidated group accounts of the Company in which the relevant balance sheet is comprised;
Group Undertaking will have the meaning given to it in section 1161(5) Companies Act 2006, save that for the purposes of this Agreement an undertaking will be treated as a member of another undertaking if any of the shares in that other undertaking are registered in the name of another person (or its nominee) as security (or in connection with the taking of security) from the first undertaking or any of that first undertaking’s subsidiary undertakings and “undertaking” will (unless the context requires otherwise) have the meaning given in Section 1161(1) Companies Act 2006 and for the avoidance of doubt will include a limited liability partnership;