Gradient definition

Gradient means a degree of inclination, or a rate of ascent or descent, of an inclined part of the earth’s surface with respect to the horizontal; the steepness of a slope. It is expressed as a ratio (vertical to horizontal), a fraction (such as meters/kilometers or feet/miles), a percentage (of horizontal distance), or an angle (in degrees).
Gradient means the degree of inclination of a slope, expressed in terms of the percentage of the vertical elevation to the horizontal distance (e.g., a gradient of fifteen (15%) percent means a difference in vertical elevation of fifteen (15') feet in a horizontal distance of one hundred (100') feet.)
Gradient or "grade" means the rate or percent change in slope, either ascending or descending from or along the highway. It is to be measured along the centerline of the roadway or access.

Examples of Gradient in a sentence

  • The maximum torque (T) shall be equal to 0.25 the measured bolt tension (P) and the bolt diameter (D): T (foot pounds) ≤ 0.25 × P(pounds) × D(feet) 856.01 A General PAGE 495 10/01/15 Replace the “Slope Gradient” row in Table 856-01 with the following: Slope Gradient Application≤ 3H:1V< 3H:1V - 2H:1V≤ 2H:1V< 2H:1 - 1.5H:1V 860.02 A Barbed Wire PAGE 501 10/01/15 Replace Section 860.02 A with the following: A.

  • Gradient: starting at 5% B, changing to 40% B over 4 min, then to 70% over 2 min and in 5 min to 100%, hold 1 min and back to 5%, equilibration for 1.7 min.

  • P.; Burke, K.; Ernzerhof, M., Generalized Gradient Approximation Made Simple.

  • UNIT-IVELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS: Scalar and Vector Fields – Electric Potential- Gradient, Divergence of fields – Gauss and Stokes theorems-Propagation of EM waves through dielectric medium.

  • Gradient Tinting – A spectacle lens coating that is darker at the top of the lens, fading to lighter at the bottom.

More Definitions of Gradient

Gradient means the difference in elevation between defined reference points divided by the horizontal distance between these points.
Gradient means the relationship of the vertical distance of a slope to its horizontal distance.
Gradient means a degree of inclination, or a rate of ascent or descent, of an inclined part of the
Gradient. , which etymologically means a change per unit distance, a slope value. In contrast, it is used in cardiology to designate the absolute pressure difference between two anatomic locations. This divergence between etymology and use has not impaired understanding.
Gradient means the change in total water pressure head per unit of distance.
Gradient means the degree of rise or descent of a street;
Gradient means when used with reference to a pipe, its slope with reference to the true horizontal;