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Gradient means the change in total water pressure head per unit of distance.
Gradient means a degree of inclination, or a rate of ascent or descent, of an inclined part of the earth’s surface with respect to the horizontal; the steepness of a slope. It is expressed as a ratio (vertical to horizontal), a fraction (such as meters/kilometers or feet/miles), a percentage (of horizontal distance), or an angle (in degrees).
Gradient means a degree of inclination, or a rate of ascent or descent, of an inclined part of the

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The maximum torque (T) shall be equal to 0.25 the measured bolt tension (P) and the bolt diameter (D): T (foot pounds) ≤ 0.25 × P(pounds) × D(feet) 856.01 A General PAGE 495 10/01/15 Replace the “Slope Gradient” row in Table 856-01 with the following: Slope Gradient Application≤ 3H:1V< 3H:1V - 2H:1V≤ 2H:1V< 2H:1 - 1.5H:1V 860.02 A Barbed Wire PAGE 501 10/01/15 Replace Section 860.02 A with the following: A.

SARS-CoV-2 Reverse Genetics Reveals a Variable Infection Gradient in the Respiratory Tract.

P.; Burke, K.; Ernzerhof, M., Generalized Gradient Approximation Made Simple.

The filters are controllable remotely over Ethernet via a “Control By Web” X-312-I analogue output module.CECE is sensitive to comparatively long wavelength fluc- tuations relevant for studying Ion Temperature Gradient (ITG) and Trapped Electron Mode (TEM) turbulence.

The required volume at each Silt Trap shall be computed based on the Up Gradient Contributing Areas that are disturbed and/or stabilized to the satisfaction of the Engineer.

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Gradient means the rate of vertical change of a ground surface expressed as a percentage figure and determined by dividing the vertical distance by the horizontal distance.
Gradient means the degree of inclination of a slope, expressed in terms of the percentage of the vertical elevation to the horizontal distance (e.g., a gradient of fifteen (15%) percent means a difference in vertical elevation of fifteen (15') feet in a horizontal distance of one hundred (100') feet.)
Gradient means the angular degree, from horizontal, of an ascending or descending uniformly smooth slope. With regard to runways, transverse gradient refers to the degree of slope across the width of the runway, and longitudinal gradient refers to the degree of slope along the length of the runway.
Gradient or "grade" means the rate or percent change in slope, either ascending or descending from or along the highway. It is to be measured along the centerline of the roadway or access.
Gradient means the difference in elevation between defined reference points divided by the horizontal distance between these points.
Gradient means the relationship of the vertical distance of a slope to its horizontal distance.
Gradient means when used with reference to a pipe, its slope with reference to the true horizontal;