Governor definition

Governor means the governor of the state of New York.
Governor means the Governor of the State of West Virginia.
Governor means the Governor or other officer administering the Government of the Territory;

Examples of Governor in a sentence

Meskill, promulgated June 16, 1971, concerning labor employment practices, Executive Order No. Seventeen of Governor Thomas J.

Meskill, promulgated February 15, 1973, concerning the listing of employment openings and Executive Order No. Sixteen of Governor John G.

See Disclosure Form Instructions.The current annual salary of the Governor is $177,412.00.

The individual named below has an interest in the SUBCONTRACTOR (or its parent) in terms of ownership or distributive income share in excess of 5%, or an interest which has a value of more than 60% of the annual salary of the Governor.

This Contract is subject to the provisions of Executive Order No. Three of Governor Thomas J.

More Definitions of Governor

Governor means the Governor of the State of Illinois.
Governor means a person by or under whose authority the powers of an entity are exercised and under whose direction the business and affairs of the entity are managed pursuant to the organic law and organic rules of the entity.
Governor means a member of the Council of Governors;
Governor means the governor of the state.
Governor means the chief executive of any State.
Governor means the Governor in Council;
Governor s state of disaster” means an executive order or proclamation by the Governor that implements the disaster response and recovery aspects of the Michigan Emergency Management Plan and applicable local plans of the county or municipal programs affected.